Streets, Drugs, and God

I talked with a believer from the streets this evening who described how God has been dealing with her.  She said that God was calling her closer to Him and to ministry by calling her to read her Bible.  She began reading and devoting herself to the Word.  In time other street people began asking her about God.  She did not push her devotion on them; they came asking.  But then she would get high.

She said this went on for some time.  She was drawing closer to God, but she was still getting high too.  But as she witnessed to others, the dope began to bother her.  In time she felt the need to approach others with the Good News.  But still there were some who would seek her out as well.  And the dope was a deep inconsistency in her life and witness.

Finally, she stopped the dope.

She said she is 28 days clean.

I am fascinated by this.  Coming to the Lord is messy business on the streets – especially for the addicts.  She is still every ounce a street person pushing a buggy and all.  But she is a street prophet too.  Yet I cannot imagine her “fitting in” at any church I know.  I cannot imagine her church-shopping until she finds a place where she is “comfortable.”  I certainly cannot imagine a church being comfortable with her.

But I believe her.

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  1. Agent X · June 10

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:

    Let’s ramp up this process a bit. The end of this blog is coming, and I am merely dragging it out. But then again, honestly some of these posts really didn’t get the attention they should have either. I think this is one of those.


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