Eyesore On The Golgotha Neighborhood


You stupid Lubbockites before whose eyes Jesus was publically portrayed as crucified… Who has bewitched you? (Galatians 3:1).

I am seeing Lubbock’s homeless in the headlines a lot recently because of the mess they tend to generate.  Sadly, this is deeply misguided for a “Christian community.”  How many excuses do I need to make?  If you are classically white, middle-class, do you not have attics, garages, and storage units full of your glutted mess?  Why do you look down your nose on a man who has no home for his gluttony?

Numerous times I hear the notion floated out there that if Lubbock shows kindness to the homeless, it will only attract more of them.  This notion is a response to stories of the messes generated.  Apparently that is a bad thing???  I am quite sure that notion is floated out there by voters for the critical consideration of other voters.

But this is a “Christian community!”  So, enough with the excuses!  The preacher at Vandelia Church two weeks ago cited Lubbock as professing to be 85% Christian.  I hope that with 85% of our city claiming Christ, we are more focused on the image of Christ than on the mess and burden of our homeless brothers and sisters.  Yes, their lives are a mess, but that is Jesus you are looking at (Matt. 25:40&45).

So, think about this notion – from a Christian perspective:  Jesus crucified at Golgotha does not raise property value for voters, but the mess there sure raises the value for believers whose citizenship is in Heaven (Phil. 3:20).  You have a chance to draw near to God if you turn (repent) and face the mess thus seeing the Reign of God come on earth like it is in heaven (Mark 15:39).

You will find a party there (Luke 14:13; Ps. 23:5).  You are invited (Rev. 2:17).  It takes faith to find Jesus in that mess, but I hope you will.


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