Will Pope Francis Make Jealous the Protestants?

St. Paul writes of God provoking the Jews to jealousy with His salvation among the Gentiles (See Romans 10-12). As I watch Pope Francis guide the church to love the poor and downtrodden, I wonder if the protestants in my town might begin to feel left out of God’s rich movement toward the poor.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets has been asking: How can you ask Jesus into your heart, but not ask him into your guest bedroom?

On the cold winter nights in Lubbock (which are due to return in the next few weeks), Lubbock’s homeless will be left out in the cold. Seriously, don’t believe everything you see on TV or on the internet. Many charitable (and “Christian”) organizations will lead you to believe this problem is being addressed adequately, and you can help by sending them your money. Rather, go to the streets and see for yourself. You will find plenty of people left out!

Now I am hoping that Pope Francis will provoke a jealousy to loving the poor similar to St. Paul’s jealousy for salvation. Perhaps the “Christians” in this “Christian community” will answer God’s call to take in the poor among us too??? (Luke 14:23; Matt. 25:31-46 – among OTHERS!)

Let’s get busy grafting in the branches.


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