Without A Voice

“A Voice for the Voiceless”

I hear people state this as their vocation sometimes.  It is a catchy, and almost romantic, statement.  It is idealist by nature.  A savior-complex seems inherent and necessary.  And so, I have heard one leader in homeless ministry state that she is against the idea of being “a voice for the voiceless.”

I consider myself as an unheard voice.  The voice of one crying in the wilderness, but lost in obscurity.  I speak, but who listens?  By far, I go mostly ignored.  Of those who have listened, most do not understand me.  (I guess I am just too complex – or maybe too many who are willing to listen are just too simple.  Of course that kind of observation is ripe for conceit.  I will not claim to be immune to that, but I will point out that being ignored and shunned is nothing to be proud of either.)  However, most of the remaining ears find me too offensive and turn me off when they can.

I have been officially kicked out of one ministry and all but officially shunned by another.  I write pamphlets, blogs, and books and yet get almost no readers.  I speak and get almost no listeners.

I speak without a voice for the voiceless.  (I know… your welcome.)

I saw a news item this morning depicting Syrian refugees being turned away from the Slovenian border.  Yesterday, I saw a news item showing Hungarian border patrol pepper spraying mothers and fathers holding small children.  These are real news items getting real circulation on the international stage, yet the cries of these people fall largely on deaf ears.

Pope Francis is coming to America this week and is expected to address congress with a message regarding “the poor,” and the pontificators speculate that his remarks will be confrontational.  Pope Francis is a voice for the voiceless.  I am so thrilled to have him as leader of the church – a shepherd after God’s heart!  Not a perfect man, but a real voice for the truly voiceless.  Like the unborn who are so easy to slaughter in the womb before their mother hears their cry.

Meanwhile, I speak without a voice.  The words come out.  The sound waves permeate the ear, but not the heart.  The words come out in electronic light and get clicked over.  The words come out in hard-copy ink and collect dust or get crumpled and tossed.

I am not a pope or a polished orator.  I am no one of significance.  I am no one of consequence.  And the people I speak for are called “Voiceless” too.

But the air hears, the electrons electrify, the ink bears witness.  And the lives of the homeless matter whether you hear their voice or not.

(Thank you for not reading this – I guess…)


  1. Agent X · September 21, 2015

    Having received feedback on this post elsewhere, my response and comment here may seem to lack a full context. Nevertheless…

    Whether the post seems to be a whimper, I will let you decide. I figure that observation is not meant to commend it. Perhaps so, but I doubt it.

    More than anything, I am surprised it was read – especially with feedback! Thanks! I appreciate it.

    Nevertheless, I have written what I have written. And though this post puts its focus on me and seems wimperish (whinny), it also sets me apart suggesting either I am way off base or else this whole ministry is in God’s hands and ticking along on his time-table. Despite my desire to be heard, I mostly am not, and when and where I am, I largely am shunned. Yes, that is painful and discouraging.

    But prophetic too.

    Jesus often spoke in parables that neither the crowds nor his disciples understood. He too was shunned by religious leaders. Still is.

    But I feel a kindred connection with young Jeremiah really. He had a fire in his bones. He wanted to shut up, but the fire would not let him. And, he wept. – A lot. Wrote a whole book of Lamentation. Lived a life of unheeded ministry. Probably died wondering what his life had been worth.

    And while almost no one can recite even one of his lamentations, we frequently sing that glorious happy song that falls right in the middle of his dark book – The Steadfast Love of The Lord Never Ceases… His Mercies NEVER come to an end. THEY ARE NEW EVERY MORNING! We don’t remember the context of those words, but still we know his words.

    He was the only one singing that song on the day he first sang it. Research his pathetic life and see. He had precious few friends. Despite his prophetic message from God, his nation did not heed. Empowered by God to fail – it seems. Most of his stuff is forgotten to us now. But his ministry serves Israel to this day, and his life is precious to Jew and Christian alike. How much more so to God?

    I don’t think I am out of line to lament. I have yet to see anything in this ministry that is not of God. If I find it, heaven help me to repent. Meanwhile I will not hold back from calling Israel to repent – a message Israel always resists. Messengers Israel always punishes. (Ask Jesus.)

    Thank you for your response.

    anyone else???

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    • jenniferca01 · September 23, 2015

      I had the pleasure of reading and sharing this story!!


  2. jlllhurley · September 21, 2015

    How do you know you are unheard? Maybe the liar is telling you lies. Maybe your words are prayers that Jesus alone hears, and really isn’t he who needs to hear them. He alone can motivate the hearts of men to be changed. Surley, I cannot motivate my own heart.


  3. Agent X · September 21, 2015

    Awesome! Another response… (but I did go fishing for this one).

    Thank you for reading and responding.

    Now to your question. I do not in fact KNOW that I am unheard. Yet that is how I consider myself. Especially in light of the shunning I have most profoundly experienced and the mostly ignored state of the blog and the meager feedback here or in other places. Also, stack me up next to the pope – and see that he will be heard by every catholic worldwide (almost) and millions of protestants too. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, and dozens if not hundreds of other news outlets will carry his message. He will get attention, though he too will go largely unheeded. I will barely attract any attention – IT SEEMS. But no. I do not KNOW that I am unheard.

    On the other hand, YES. I believe Jesus hears me. Yes. His hearing counts more than any other. You are surely right about that! And I fully expect my words and actions to come under his judgment. I trust they find his favor whether heeded by any others or not. I trust Jeremiah has already found that favor. And so, I say AMEN to your response.

    Also take encouragement from it.

    Thank you, sister.



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