Pope Francis – Rock Star of Popes!

Check this out.

It’s almost like watching Jesus in action!  Any movie god, rock star, politician, head of state getting the kind of attention paid to Pope Francis would let it go right to their head.  But this man is on a mission to be like Jesus.  In humility he walks through crowds pressing in on him from all sides as children run to just touch the hem of his cloak!  But he blows off congress to eat with the multitudes in the wilderness???


Let me just say:  I have been involved in homeless ministry in Lubbock for the last 7 years.  I used to attend the (let us call it) premier homeless church in this fine Christian town.  As a member/minister there, I was repeatedly invited to power lunches hosted by that church which were attended by various church leaders, social workers, and charity organization representatives which were held behind closed doors while the homeless were kicked out during the meetings.  I did not make a stink about it at the time, but I did quietly excuse myself to go hold communion outside on the sidewalk as these power brokers discussed their strategies over lunch.

So, if you think I like this pope… think again.  I LOVE this pope.

Thank You, Jesus for sending us Pope Francis to show us what You look like.




One comment

  1. jenniferca01 · September 28, 2015

    Love it!!!


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