Ambassadors of Heaven

I poked around on the internet last night using a search engine I don’t normally use.  My search paid off!  I was surprised by two websites that expanded my mind as Heaven invaded my imagination!

Please check them out.  The first one features two short videos where the street ministers bring a bit of Heaven with them.  And this is the KIND of thing Fat Beggars is all about!  We are not running around being against everybody and everything like some cantankerous old codgers; we just don’t support all the reductionist hogwash of lackluster “Christian” faith and service.  I mean, think about this: God sends Moses into Egypt’s brick yards to tell Pharaoh to “Let My people go!”  But when it comes to people enslaved to homelessness, we tend to show up with a plan to get these people INTO the brickyards!  Like the Nazis, we lie and tell them, “You shall know the work, and the work shall set you free!”

Not so with the street ministers in these videos.  They actually employ the act of giving away money to open our imagination!  They throw a party for the homeless as if they were Jesus himself!  I mean with fancy dress clothes and white gloves, they take the Thanksgiving feast to the streets!

Does that fix everything?  Is there still homelessness when they are done?


But the funny thing is that we keep talking like we are going to outsmart God and end poverty by not doing the very stuff He tells us to do and by not imagining how his Rule in Heaven might come to earth!  If all God’s ministers imagined the world under his Rule, then this is how the world would go round!

The second website just makes me cry.  These high school boys, inspired by Joseph of Arimathaea who cared for the body of Jesus, volunteer as pallbearers for deceased homeless vets.  They provide a picture of Heaven coming to claim the stones our society has rejected.  They stand in for the family of each man who served our country and then fell to the wayside somehow.

Wow!  I am shamed and inspired at the same time.

Both of these links depict Heaven invading earth.  Is homelessness eradicated afterward?  Does this kind of help hurt?  Well, according to some philosophies it does hurt or at least does no good.  But I beg to differ.  I think a light comes on that changes everything.  The homeless suddenly come to live in the hearts of those who are tender enough to watch and see the hands of God at work in his mysterious and powerful way.

I need this stuff in my life.  I am richer for having seen the Glory of the Lord.

I hope you are too.


One comment

  1. Ronald Exum · November 2, 2015

    …… And the lepers who discovered the foo no substance outside the besieged city walls……did not become cleansed and whole – free of disease…..just because God had graced them with food when they were starving.

    I liked your creative use of that aspect of the story! Hallelujah


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