Restoring Hope Gets My Vote

Anyone who reads here regularly should recognize that I have reservations with regard to funding ministry for Jesus.  Those reservations are quite complex, and this is not the point at which I need to delve into them.  That said, it has been requested that I vote for the Restoring Hope ministry to receive City Bank’s Community Rewards prize.

You can vote here.

For those of you who worry about what your money goes to, let me say that this is not YOUR money they may or may not get.  But your vote will help determine whether the bank supports them and to what extent.

But here is an important piece of information for those desiring accountability from these ministers:  Restoring Hope does not throw the homeless out to the night.  And in fact, Restoring Hope is instrumental in getting at least one church in Lubbock to open their doors to the homeless AND has secured a promise that this church will do it again on nights when the weather gets unbearably cold!

Other homeless ministers in this town have won this award in the past while scattering these sheep to the night, but they did not disclose that in their publications.  Restoring Hope has played a pivotal role in reversing that damage.

Thus, Restoring Hope gets my vote.  And I offer you the opportunity to add your vote here too.

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