So… I’m pumping gas down at the corner station, and they got this young lady running the cash machine who looks maybe 16 (though she’s probably 20).  I did not introduce myself at all.  Just the usual cliché communication that typifies customer service – except that when I walked out the girl announces in her sweetest innocent voice, “… have a blessed day.”

I was already out the door by the time her words crossed the deep chasm separating Lazarus from the rich man and reached my ears.  Poof!  I was practically gone.  And it dawned on me suddenly that she had done this to me once before about 10 or 12 days ago.  It had barely phased me the first time, but this time I was all absorbed in it.

Have a blessed day,” she said.

Have a blessed day… HAVE A BLESSED DAY???  I was almost perturbed by it actually.  And that troubled me.  Why would I be perturbed by such a kind, charitable message from such a sweet, innocent girl?

Well, as a matter of fact, I was rather haggard at just that moment.  And isn’t that the way it perturbs?  Just when you are trying to be serious about the task(s) at hand, which for me was a honey-do list that I was falling behind checking off.  Kids to pick up, bills to drop in the mail, a couple of grocery items to purchase, not to mention helping my father in his time of need.  I was trying to order a whole world – my world – and she was just getting in my way with her blessing.   Each of these things were very serious, and I was running behind tending to them.  But this girl – this girl – and her message just seemed out of touch with my reality – almost mocked me really.  I almost wanted to go back in there and punch her in the nose!

But what a jerk I would be!!!  And just having that feeling was deeply disturbing.  She did me no wrong!  She was trying to be nice!  How could that hit me sooooooo sideways?

But you know what?  If she were to walk just half a mile in my shoes, I really don’t think she would sound so sweet-n-innocent.  I think she would surely try to be just a little less offensive with her sweet-n-innocent act.  Perhaps she could have said, “Hang in there… Jesus is with you.”  That would have been a worthwhile blessing!  Instead, she just trips me up with her cutesy little caricature of Christian charity, and I’m all jammed up!

Okay… okay.  That is probably asking too much of such a young girl.  Hopefully she will grow in maturity and wisdom as time unfolds, but again, there was absolutely NO evil in her message.  Rather, her message was entirely good, but that goodness somehow drew out a strain of evil running rampant in my heart!  Ha!  Shame on ME!!!  And anyway, I don’t want her to walk a mile in my shoes; I want to live in a world order where that kind of innocence is shared with me.  I don’t want to drag her into my hell; I want to join her in her heaven!

And so it went.

I never did speak to the girl again.  Perhaps I will sometime.  Probably will, in fact.  Probably, she is a good employee that will be there serving her boss a long time, and I will be a continuous customer living just down the street.


But I wrestled an angel in the dark night of my soul.  And I did not let go until I got the blessing.  I strongly suspect that if I go back and tell her, she will not have the slightest clue what I am talking about.  But in the end, I am having a blessed day, thanks to her.


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