A Letter to the Editor

I saw this posted on the Nov. 6 page on Herald & Review, and it just resonated so deeply, I had to copy-n-paste it for the Fat Beggars.  If you follow the link, you will discover that it is the “agencies” that step up to take the lead; the church follows the culture (as usual).  At least the church managed to get into the game.

Come on, church!  You are the very Body of Christ!  You are empowered by the Holy Spirit of God!

But, alas, this is a mirror for you to look at yourself.

(Follow the link below for the full article.)

DECATUR – Jesus taught his followers that whatever they did for “the least of these,” they did for him.

Yet a letter to the editor published in the Herald & Review on June 14, 2014, calling for churches to open their doors to the homeless during extreme cold and heat produced virtually no response.

“Churches teach people to have faith in God,” said Lee Taylor, co-author of the letter. “How’s come I gotta have faith in God, but the church doesn’t?”


Good question.


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