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If you are reading this blog and need a place to sleep in Lubbock, Texas during the cold weather, please call the number at the bottom of the post.



Homeless Ministries Open Doors for Winter Emergency Shelter


Lubbock, TX – November 11, 2015 – As temperatures drop, severe weather preparations are being made by local ministries that work among people experiencing homelessness. Carpenter’s Church, Salvation Army, Grace Campus, Restoring Hope, and others have developed a plan to help Lubbock’s most vulnerable citizens.


On evenings when the temperature is 32 degrees or below:

  • Carpenter’s Church will extend its hours to close at 6pm
  • At 6pm, people will be transported from Carpenter’s Church to Salvation Army and Grace Campus
  • Salvation Army and Grace Campus will provide overnight emergency shelter until people are transported the following morning
  • On the same evenings, Restoring Hope will provide shelter at St. John Neumann Catholic Church for families who do not have alternatives


“This is not a long-term solution, but it’s necessary to keep people safe” says Jaime Wheeler, Community Resource Minister at Carpenter’s Church. “People need safe places to stay when the weather gets bad. We are grateful to have strong collaborations with the Salvation Army, Grace Campus, Restoring Hope, and other organizations in Lubbock. This partnership will help all of our friends stay warm and dry this winter.”


Volunteers are needed at Grace Campus for these emergency shelter nights. Volunteers will need to go to a mandatory 1 hour training, which will be offered on the following days:

Sun, Nov. 15th at 1pm

Tues., Nov. 17th at 5:30pm

Weds., Nov. 18th at 7pm

Thurs., Nov. 19th at 5:30pm

Sun., Nov. 22nd at 1pm


All volunteer trainings will be held at Carpenter’s church, 1916 13th St. Volunteers for Grace Campus must be over 18, male, and willing to stay the night. Female volunteers will be needed to work with the families at St. John Neumann Catholic Church. For more information or to volunteer or to donate funds for emergency shelter items, please call (806) 687-6876.



Jaime Wheeler

Community Resource Minister

Carpenter’s Church

(806) 687-6876

Praise the Lord! 

The church is actually opening doors tonight!!!


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