Where’s The Church? (formerly Where’s Waldo?)

Here’s a turnabout for you:  I am now a volunteer through the premier homeless ministry program for keeping people off the streets during cold weather.

(Yes, that is a big turnabout.  No.  I do not have answers for how or why that came about.  Perhaps another time.)

But here is what sadly is the same:  The call is out.  Volunteers are needed.  As the coordinator explained tonight at the orientation meeting, every church, every social group, and every social service organization in this town has been notified and volunteers requested.  The desire is to raise 100 volunteers for the work.  But only about 10 have answered the call.

This is a “Christian” town, is it not???

Where is the church?  I even posted the news release on this blog.  I forwarded it to Vandelia Church.  They published it in the bulletin.  These are two outlets I had influence on, and the coordinator is already known as a master of media management.  So… if only 10 people have volunteered, I must ask Lubbock:  Where’s The Church?

Anyone want to speculate?

(Yes.  It is quite an irony to find myself aligned with the premier homeless ministry on this exact issue, but they have come to this point now too.  So I am in support of the drive for volunteers with them.  And I think it is the church that has gone M.I.A.)

Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity


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  1. BrookeM · November 24, 2015

    Over the years, I think my biggest challenge (frustration, point of anger, source of burnout, etc.) in ministry has been the difficulty of finding people willing to commit to service….especially long-term service. At the moment, I am very blessed in this area, but there have been other seasons when I felt completely alone in my commitment to consistently show up. When I hit one particular low, my children and I began praying together every morning for God to send more helpers to El Crucero. He answered quickly and dramatically. On the flip side, though, we’ve been praying for some additional (and committed) middle school leaders for about 3 months now, without any apparent answer. So, we wait. I know that not everyone says “yes” when they hear God’s call to serve. I also know that not everyone is listening to hear God’s call in the first place. What an amazing world it would be if all Christians were hearing and obeying God’s leading into service to others. May God bless you in your service and send you encouragement in your frustration!

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