Happy Thanksgiving from the Streets

Well, it’s Thanksgiving again.  Yay!  My favorite holiday – at least for food!  And giving thanks is something to be thankful for.  This holiday celebrates HOME almost by definition.

It’s a good time to think about volunteering at the soup kitchen/homeless shelter.  Lot’s of volunteers show up for this week and twist off the week after.  Mostly those volunteers are politicians and pastors.  It is a good chance to get your face on TV volunteering.  The notoriety scales way back next week; so strike while the iron’s hot!

But enough of my cynicism.  Here’s my bitterness instead: I am blown away by all the households – “Christian” households – that don’t even bother to notice!  You know, there’s Black Friday to celebrate!  For that matter, look at all the retailers out there who will actually open their doors on Thanksgiving Day itself!!!  I mean, you are just so bored living in a real home, eating one of the finest meals of the year with family and loved ones, and watching a game or a movie marathon that you have to go down to the 7/11 and get a six pack or the Walgreen’s to get some singing fish toy!

Hey!  If you don’t value your own home any better than that, you really might lose it.  And anyway, perhaps you could leave it to a group of men and women from the streets to share.

But you know what?  You really could express your thanks to God for the abundance of blessing you already have, stay home – especially on Thursday (and really, why feed that Black Friday fire?), and invite someone less fortunate into your home to share the incredible blessing you have.  That is Jesus out there you could invite in (Matt. 25:35).  Perhaps you could show him your thanks.  He is at your door now (Rev. 3:20).

Happy Thanksgiving from the streets.


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