Selfish Christmas Shoppers

So… I got the NBC Today Show on this morning as I am sipping coffee and going in and out of my closet as I prepare for the day.  Suddenly there is a whole lot of laughing and chatter as Matt Lauer and friends discuss a survey that found 85% of Americans purchase items for themselves while shopping for Christmas gifts to give to others.  They pointed out that most of us spend more on ourselves than on those we purchase gifts for.

They laughed it off as they discussed it. 

Why even bring it up, if you don’t find it remarkable, and if it is remarkable, how is it funny?  Shouldn’t this shame us?  Laughing at it seems to make it normal and okay.  And with numbers up at 85%, this is really world-shaping (or world-shaped).

And I can’t help but think, this is the mentality of regular folk, good people, all around me every day.  So when I raise issues about homelessness, they are too insulated in their selfishness to get it.  This means getting the message across is an uphill battle.


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