Pierce My Heart

Okay… Just to be clear.  In my last post just below this one, I pointed out a nice couple we call “The Andersons.”  They wanted to be placed side by side through the night, but the rules stated that the men go with men and the women with women.  When I explained that to the Andersons, they dutifully complied without complaint – and I appreciate that.

No.  It did not kill them to split up for the night as they slept in a barn to escape the cold and wet.  But neither would it kill a Christian family to take them in to their home – perhaps the guest bedroom.

Then there was the little old granny that reminded me of my little Mammaw.  Why was she there at all???

Yeah.  These three people pierce my heart.  That is why I write of them.

I am sure you could excuse yourself for not knowing about them.  But that is because you weren’t there.  I was.  Now I am telling you.  So, you really could look for them, like a shepherd would a lost lamb, and probably find them.  You could change their circumstance NEXT TIME, if your heart was pierced too.

I hope you will consider it.

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  1. administrator · September 1, 2016

    Street prophet, you rock.


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