I could “go to church” this morning and join a group of pilgrims committed to praise and worship of the Creator God and his Son, Jesus.  This is a life-long practice, and my soul needs to join in the song of creation and adoration of The Beloved.

Or I could go to the streets in search of “the least of these” who Jesus identifies himself intimately with (Matt. 25:40).  Though many of them will not already be involved in worship, some will drop what they are doing (like fishermen dropping nets) just for the invitation.

Of course it is cold and windy out there with the least-of-these-Jesus and warm and comfortable among the in-door pilgrims.  The praise and worship amid the least-of-these crowd would be anemic by anyone’s observation, whereas the in-door pilgrims will make a powerfully joyful sound.

And I wish I did not have to choose.  I wish…

Why can’t we all be ONE together?


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