Almost 100 Posts and No Mention of N.T. Wright

I really rambled out a stream of consciousness post last time.  And that is a the raw way I think and sometimes write.  I figure it seemed to come out of left field and disappear into the ether for most folks.

So what?  Here’s a bit more, but not so long winded this time.

I have written 99 posts heretofore and made absolutely no mention of N.T. Wright.  I made mention of Walter Brueggemann, Walter Wink, and even C. Leonard Allen (among others).  But I made no mention of N.T. Wright.

That’s not significant if you don’t know me.  For a handful of critics who know Agent X, this should be significant.  And for those who don’t know me (but likely still won’t care), N.T. Wright has had the single biggest influence on me of any Christian thinker.  I only mention this because I have a strong sense that at least a handful of my critics have made off-hand comments which marginalize my ministry based on a mistaken notion that I am too heavily influenced by this thinker that they themselves have not given enough credit to on the one hand, and they think I only regurgitate on the other.

To be fair, I don’t recall a single line out of Wright dealing with homelessness.  However, one of his students, Brian J. Walsh, co-wrote a fascinating book entitled Beyond Homelessness that I highly recommend – but which I hold a few criticisms of nevertheless.

I only post this observation (which I know is out of the blue) to lay down a marker.  I think for myself.  I bring a message that is not a regurgitation of the great theologian, and besides the fact that these critics are short-sighted for not giving Wright a better hearing themselves – and who dismiss me for being his enthusiast, I will now resist that criticism too.

But also, I will now feel free to quote from Wright anytime I want.  And I will point my short-sighted, blow-me-off critics to the previous 99 posts for any messages from God they may have missed in an effort not to deal with Wright.

For the rest of you, thanks for your patience.


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