From Lemons to Lemonade

High on Homeless Hog

I love this picture.  One of my guys from the streets, who asked to be called Agent Zero (We already have two Agent J’s), has an indomitable spirit for the outdoors.  He lives quite extravagantly for a street homeless man.  I figure he has a knack for acquiring “stuff” and probably loses it as fast as he gets it.  He seems never to have a care in the world, a perpetual smile on his face, and, despite his drug addiction, a friendly disposition.  He will share anything and everything he’s got for the asking!

Anyway, one morning last year, I rolled up on his “spot” in the park and found he had run an extension cord almost 300 feet to an outlet he found across the alley.  He and his friends camped under the gazebo with a coffee pot, a radio, an alarm clock, and a toaster oven!  Except for the outdoors and the illegality, it was better than my house!

Daring and shameless!  Agent Zero is incorrigible!  And I love it.

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