Take Shelter Immediately

A significant weather event now has Lubbock in the grip of winter.  Our weather this morning has the attention of the nation.  Churches are canceling worship assembly today!

If you are homeless:

The snow is not deep, but it is icy and it bites on the ferocious wind.  This weather will kill people who do not have shelter.  Please seek shelter.  Go to Tent City or Salvation Army.  Those facilities are taking people (so my contacts say).  I expect Tent City to keep people in the barn for the next several days.

If you have a home and love Jesus:

Open your door to the one who knocks (Rev. 3:20).  Think about this… if you have the luxury of staying home today because church is canceled, keep in mind this is an emergency situation for the homeless.  Unless you have small children, or are a single lady, who would be at particular risk by hosting strangers, you could be killing someone by turning them away!

Since it is very unlikely that a homeless person will knock on your door, if you see someone walking the streets or alleys, offer them a ride.  Take them home!  Or at least offer to take them to Tent City or Salvation Army.

Pray for the homeless.  If this weather lasts very long, Tent City’s barn is going to be crowded with difficult people in difficult circumstances.  They have few volunteers and the fatigue is sure to set in soon.  These people need your prayers and support in whatever ways you can offer it.

If you are a church or church leader:

OPEN YOUR DOOR!  You represent God Almighty in all his grace and mercy in this town.  The going has just got tough, and you canceled worship services.  In my view that is exactly opposite of what you should do.  Certainly you should have your elderly and fragile folk stay at home, but some of your leaders are able to be at the sanctuary opening the doors to needy people at this time of need.

Many of you have kitchens, showers, laundry capabilities, family-life centers, gymnasiums and lots of empty space under a roof where the poor and homeless could be taking shelter under the watchful eyes of shepherds – IF ONLY YOU WOULD!

REPENT!  And do your job!  You are giving away your glory to the 501c3’s just as fast as you can.  And I cannot imagine why.  What will the King say on that great day of Judgment??? (Matt. 25:41-46)???

This is your time to shine.  Don’t blow it!


  1. Ryan · December 27, 2015

    Our house has been praying for Lubbock today.

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    • Agent X · December 27, 2015

      Awesome! Thank you.

      The tornadoes down DFW way have the real headlines. And I have been following a blog by a young lady who only became homeless last week. She was down there for it. Praying for her.

      Lubbock is having significant snow but really it’s the drifting that is paralyzing. Pretty tough by Texas standards here today. I think Amarillo has it worse.

      I heard a tale about a homeless guy walking down Clovis road today with no coat. Apparently some volunteers went out and got him. Took him to the “day shelter.” I am sure that was a life-saving thing to do. But I have yet to hear of any who actually went to the hospital or worse. Hopefully we have them all tucked in at the barn.

      Yes. Thanks for the prayers!

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