Crash. Burn. Fly.

I have had the remarkable opportunity during the last couple of weeks to follow a blog of a person newly facing homelessness.  (During my stay at Tent City in Lubbock, Texas a few years ago, I met a man who came to us on his second night on the streets.  He had been working and living in a home just two days before.  So I had a front row seat to his disaster!  And though I was not able to offer him a job or a house at that time, I did have some insightful conversations with him.  I certainly found myself stepping into his shoes rather intimately.  If I had come with an idea of gawking at the train wreck, I suddenly felt the pain and stigma and the fragility of life first-hand.)

I too experienced a brief stint of homelessness in my early twenties in Denver, Colorado.  I recall the near desperation I felt as it seemed I was slipping through cracks with no one to help or care.  But fortunately, my experience was brief.  I went without food for several days, slept in my car and sofa surfed, and managed to stay employed all through it.  But even my own experience taught me that the inside of homelessness is not the same as the outside.

So… back to my remarkable opportunity:  I want to introduce my readers to Scarlett Gypsy.  Her blog is short because the experiences she reports there are recent.  But she takes you into the life that slips in between those cracks.  I encourage you to familiarize yourself with her story.  Open your mind and your heart.  She shares her wounds and fears openly with anonymity being her only guard against vulnerability.

Some of you may be inclined to help her.  I definitely hope you will pray.  And if you help, I hope you do so with sensitivity and grace.  Some of you will be inclined to think she is a con-artist.  I cannot prove otherwise, but I always take people at face value, personally, and invite Jesus to share his outstretched arms between us.  So, if you only hold suspicion for her, please direct that at me and leave her alone.  But some of you will find that front row seat to the train wreck to be insightful.  And I think there is great value in that for the world at large – at least.  And so, I introduce you to Scarlett Gypsy.

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