From The Mouths of Babes and Prophets

“I treat them as if they were my FAMILY,” says Braeden Mannering.

Hmmm…  What a simple idea?

Perhaps you caught Braeden’s story on the CBS news last night.  He is a twelve year old (Psalm 8:2… anyone?) from Delaware, honored and invited to the State of the Union speech by First Lady Michelle Obama after he began feeding the homeless and started a charity to help.  Braeden is not jaded.  Braeden is not daunted by complications.  He just sees the homeless as if they were his family and wants the rest of us to see them that way too.

The reporter tells us that according to Braeden, “The key is to change how people see the homeless.”  Braeden calls them “family.”

I could prophetically say it until I am blue in the face, but Braeden, I think, says it better.

Hmmm… What a simple idea.

I encourage you to check out Braeden’s website: Brae’s Brown Bags.



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