Stupid Things I’ve Done For Jesus

I loved a hooker.

Yeah, that sounds bad; I know.  But I loved her for Jesus, which means I did not love her LIKE THAT!

But I found her on the streets late one night many years ago, walking in a bathrobe and avoiding home because she was HIV positive and diagnosed with Schizophrenia and unwanted there.

The first time I met her, all I had to give was a Bible.  I was so naïve.  I had no idea what to say or do.

Giving that Bible felt thin.  Precious little.  Did not make a difference in her life at all…  …and really… I knew it when I gave it to her.

She haunted me for weeks.

I told people at church about her.  I told the prisoners in the Bible study I was leading at the Montford Unit about her.  The prisoners prayed.

I began searching for her.  I hit those streets again and again looking, searching, hunting.

I went back to the Montford Unit and found the prisoners had continued to pray for her, and they asked me repeatedly whether I found this lost lamb.

I did not.

I had merely given her a Bible and let her drift into the night.

It was a stupid thing I did for Jesus.

Almost a year later, I found her at a party on the streets one night when I was passing out Bibles again to addicts, hookers, drug dealers and their children.

That was when I did something really stupid.  I hooped and hollered and threw my arms around her and hugged her and celebrated her the way that father celebrated the Prodigal Son.  I gushed and shouted for joy.  I called all my church friends.  We took her to get a burger and a drink and celebrated our find.  We got her name this time.  And when we took her back to her “friends” on the street, they all thought we were cops under cover.  So did the hooker.

But she could not resist the love of Jesus after that.  She called one of my partners and asked if we would help her get into rehab.  We did.  And soon some case worker from Planned Parenthood called our church to ask what we had done to get her into rehab, since this case worker had been trying to do that for years!

Yeah.  We had that hooker clean and sober for 9 months after that.

She has since fallen off the wagon a hundred times.  But we made a huge impact all the same.

And it was the stupid thing I did for Jesus.



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  3. The Gathering Journal · August 9, 2016

    I loved this blog post…”Stupid Things I’ve Done For Jesus”! I can relate…I’ve done the same. After all, that is what we as Believers are to do…ACT LIKE JESUS! Thanks for this! It made my day!-anita


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  5. T. F. Thompson · January 9, 2017

    Actually, the Bible was a great start! Lord knows the good it might have done. Just look at all those Gideon bibles. And no, she would not have been accepted: for long anyhow. I am glad you found her again. The mere fact she was still alive is a wonderful thing.

    Two months ago or around that: a girl who had stolen my bicycle was brought to me with the bike. I told the officer I was simply glad to get the bike back. I knew of the girl in the apartment complex to be a prostitute and a druggie.At any rate, the officer did not arrest her; let her go and commented on how intoxicated she was. Later that night in attempting to cross a street two block away, she was struck and killed. We never know what influence we might have and for others there are times when all their cards are used up. That was the case in this child of God above.

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