Chaps My Hide

In a day and age when living in the American utopia of “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” where we are Ronald Reagan’s “city on a hill” (if not Jesus’s), and yet enthralled by idiotic quotations from “Two Corinthians,” scared of ISIS, and embittered by the price of milk…  You wanna know what really chaps my hide?

(I’m guessing you don’t.)

Not many people read here.  I wish they did.  I feel sure that if they did, the words here could really help make our world a better place.  Otherwise, I would not bother.

I really don’t care how you vote.  I have a deep sense that so much damage has been done to our way of life already that the vote cannot save it and will only amount to salt in wounds for at least half our nation either way it goes, actually.  And I really want to see ISIS stopped, but I sense that every measure we take only expands the evil and does not really take it out of commission.  And I would be willing to pay more money for some basic goods and services, but it sure would help if both my paycheck matched and that of all of my working neighbors, family and friends – but that ain’t happening.

But despite it all, this still is not the stuff that really chaps my hide.  And you, the world wide web, mostly don’t care anyway.  But…

I just cannot believe that the church thinks it is relevant when she doesn’t take her hope seriously and open her doors to those in need.

Our world is fast flushing down the toilet of turmoil.  And we don’t turn to Jesus for our hope; no, we think voting is going to change it.

YOU, dear church, are the Body of Christ – who is the Savior and Lord of the world.  Look to your head, and obey what he tells you (and do like he does).  You are the hope of the world.  But you have no clue.

And that chaps my hide.

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