The Hard Shell of Stone Encasing Your Heart is Cracking

Recently I went poking around the blog-O-sphere again.  And I am richly encouraged by a handful of posts I found (a couple of them even written by pastors from established churches) that feature encounters with “Street Preachers” and “Prophets.”

More than twice I found pastors telling of how lonely and ineffective the lone figure appeared.  The futility of embracing such public shame while standing up for Jesus.  Even the pastors found themselves shunning.  The voices of these bloggers were clear to distinguish, they were NOT talking about the prophets of Westboro or of Anti-abortion bombers.  No.  These street evangelists were simple believers with a simple message interfacing a complex market culture with the very brave face set against a hard, cold world.

These pastors all described how they felt shame coming into proximity with this strange, humble power.  They openly confessed that they did not have the nerve to do what these prophets did – to endure the public scorn, the market’s shunning, the humiliation of such futility.  But then in confessing it, they discovered their admiration for these simple men.

A couple of these pastors approached and joined the cause, even if only for a moment.  But then retreated.  And… I note… wrote blog posts about their experience!

Those prophets are not ignored!!!!

And now your blood is not on their hands!

This encourages me.  I tend to feel ignored.  I sense you shun me.  You do this at a functional level just as much as possible, because if you act with official sanction, you legitimate my ministry!

Fat Beggars School of Prophets is approaching our 3rd anniversary.  You know what our budget is?  You know what our big plan for church growth is?  You know what our seminary-developed missions strategy is?

No.  You don’t.  But then you don’t care.

Here is our strategy: We will endure your contempt as openly as possible.  We will bear your shame until we die if we must.  Because we see that the emperor has no clothes; we tell him.  When he finally sees it for himself, he will be embroiled in his own shame.  But, he will not be alone there.  God has populated the city of humility with prophets.

Someday, God’s Apocalypse will appear before you, and you will see that these prophets, confused as they are by proper doctrine and showing NO CONCERN for your conservative economic institutions, were positioned by God to usher you to his table.

And I am so encouraged by these findings that it occurs to me I should post this message in haste, lest he unveil his Apocalypse before I have a chance to foreshadow and direct you to his table!  These pastors posting this stuff on the internet demonstrate to me that the hard shell of stone around your heart is cracking already!

(And it reminds me that mine had to crack too!)

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