Mowing The Lawn Tomorrow


What a beautiful Saturday morning?  A lovely Spring day is underway.  There are chores to do… Spring cleaning and all.  But this is too lovely a day to ignore.  The birds are chirping; the blossoms are blooming; the back patio is the most peaceful place on earth.  My coffee is tasty.  I might just soak this in for now and mow the grass tomorrow!


Wait.  What?

Oh… I almost forgot.  Tomorrow is Easter?

Hmm… Mow or go to church…?  That is the question….

I wonder if my baby-blue sport jacket still fits me this year.  My wife and daughter … where did they go?  Oh… buying dresses?  Well… come to think of it, I probably better get an Easter Lilly for the dining room table and a corsage for my woman.  She needs to look good at church tomorrow.  (It will be crowded!)


…can’t forget the peeps!  We need a lot of them.  (I really gotta quit eating so much junk….)

“Hey… when does your mother and sister get back from shopping?  …their getting what???  You mean they are running all over town looking for a Bible with a purple cover to match your sister’s new shoes???  (Yeesh!  Can’t wait to see that credit card statement.)

“Hey… where is that number for Jose’s Lawn Service?”




“Come on! Ya’ll!!!  We are gonna be late!  Hope we can find a decent parking spot…  Get in the van!  Little Johnny, tie your shoes and stop touching your sister’s bow!”

“Wow!  These people drive slow…  Come on, granny… We gotta get to church and worship Jesus here!!!”

“Yes, Li’l Suzie, I see the man on the corner holding the cardboard sign.  (Dear, lock the doors.)  No, we can’t stop to give him a ride.  We are going to worship Jesus!  (We gotta teach these kids priorities!)  Oh… look, there’s Deacon Wilson… He’s late too; maybe we won’t look so bad coming in before he does….”

Could have just stayed home and mowed the lawn…



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