I’m Praying We Overcome Evil With Good

I saw a compelling post on another blog challenging the Christian church’s reliance (not to mention America’s) on military might and the gospel of military world order.  The post is so shrill, it leaves no sense of protection.  It strips away EVERY pretense.  And if heeded, puts the church (not to mention America) very fearfully into the hands of a living God!

And then there is the response of one reader which culminates in the question: What is the answer to defending ourselves [… you know…] practically?  And that is a good question!  Because without trust in horses and chariots, what have you got?  (Psalm 20:7 anyone???)

I don’t know how that blogger will answer that military question.  But I am praying that in the exchange we all find evil overcome by good.  It is a daring assertion, but it is the only one left that makes sense – even if it seems so impractical.

And I am not a military guy.  That is not my niche – even though my presence in this nation (and for that matter anywhere in this fallen world) makes it matter to me too.  But I am pretty firmly behind those lines, as of yet.  Nevertheless, I relate in the same world while camped out at another niche.

My ministry and this blog feature homelessness prominently.  And that relates heavily to economics and social concerns – no less than war and military.  And I can’t help but think that if we Christians really took the words of Jesus prayer seriously – especially “forgive us our debt as we forgive those with debts against us” – then there would be no recognizable economy because EVERYTHING would have to be FREE to all if we really did that.  How would we make sense of life without some debt?

I am quite clear about this much: We cannot, and will not, find an answer to these questions that is BOTH true to Jesus AND maintains the status quo world order.  The world must change along with us.  The church does not take aim at American economic interests, but at APOCALYPSE.  The church does not sooth the conscience of people for the advancement of American economic interests – that is called CHAPLENCY.  And the church is definitely not the chaplain of empire.

This will require a faith in a greater god than we have in our box!  This will require a hope in things unseen.  This will require a love that sacrifices our self.  (I think I have read this stuff somewhere…)  But it is the Way, the Truth, and the Life in an otherwise dark world, and it dares to trust in God to overcome evil with good.

Here at Fat Beggars School of Prophets, we think a sign we are winning that apocalyptic battle is the opening of those church-house doors!

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