Wise Words: A Quote For The Day

Found on page 203 of PFG vol. I by N.T. Wright:

…in the western world for the last two hundred years the categories of ‘politics’ and ‘religion’ have been carefully separated, each being defined negatively in relation to the other.  ‘Politics’, for the modern west, is about the running of countries and cities as though there were no god; ‘religion’ is about engaging the present piety and seeking future salvation as though there were no polis, no civic reality.

The statement above is deep and lifted out of context, but like the prophetic vision of a true seer, it actually frames the context of nearly all talk about ‘religion’ and ‘politics’ of our day.  Sit with it a moment and consider the implications, the ramifications, and the slave-driving plantations holding our modern imaginings of God captive being exposed therein.

If you can, I hope you will join the conversation this blog holds out for you.

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