“City Forces Church To Close Its Doors On The Homeless”

Perhaps you have heard such stories and others like it.  Government entities in the USA pressuring churches for anything is out of bounds according to the laws of the land.  But I have no desire to appeal to the US Constitution, not really.  That is not the final authority.  God is.  But even so, I think a church has a responsibility to stand up to this kind of pressure!  Not appealing to human laws, but to human conscience.

Churches are made up of groups of people who together show their love for God and one another to be more important than anything else in creation.  A willingness to suffer that love is itself the most powerful witness for God before the principalities and powers.  I am not saying write your congressman.  I am not saying rise up in rebellion against the government.  I am not even saying you should bad mouth your government.  No.  I am just saying, the church should take a stand for self-sacrificial love.

Just hold the ground, church.  Just go there to the place of shame, pain, and despair and say to the powers, if you must punish poor people, we will take the punishment for them.  Bulldoze our church building, if you must!  But we will let them sleep here until you kill us!  We will feed them until you kill us.  We will make them welcome until you kill us!

Oh… and if you really take it that far, then you are picking a fight with God – not just a few homeless people.  You are killing God’s people, not just a few bums!  And he loves these people, but we will take your punishment for them!

Maybe you don’t realize it is even happening.  But if you are God’s people, you have an obligation to look into it before the Matthew 25 king comes and holds judgment on the sheep and goats.

Check it out for your self:




  1. LoiterLarry · May 4, 2016

    You tell ’em, X!

    Where is the church in any of the videos you posted? Doesn’t Jesus have something to say about this stuff? Jesus, Son of the creator God? Is he just sitting back and letting Silicon Valley city fathers do something? They let the poor languish until it got to this state. Now they have some half-assed measures that might produce a little money to help sometime five years from now, but meanwhile they are running the poor off their “spot”! And where is the church? Did anyone show up to make so much as a statement about the role of Jesus or the church?

    Even if no one else hears you, I hear you.

    Preach it!

    Loiter Larry


  2. Agent X · May 4, 2016

    Hey – Larry,

    I didn’t know I would hear from you again. I thought you were done with me after the schizophrenic voices post.

    Yeah, Thanks for hearing.



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