The Blessed Rain

The past week in Lubbock has been dominated by rain and cool temperatures.  Rain… “always a good thing” in this arid country… is cause to celebrate.  But when it lasts more than a day or two, it’s funny how we begin complaining.

Up until last week, I was working strenuously to get enough water to my lawn and the flowers.  Several patches were turning brown and brittle.  The hot, dry wind was getting relentless, and I found it a challenge to keep my lawn up with the Jones’.

I listened to a friend a week ago complain that he was about to spend the weekend camping, but he had hoped for good weather.  An adventurous, young man full of vitality, he sought sympathy because it appeared he would face the trip being cold, wet, and muddy – for a weekend.  I couldn’t help but think of my friends and those prophets facing this stuff day-in and day-out (night-in and night-out) with no relief in sight and no one offering any sympathy.

And then last night’s local newscast featured a lengthy explication of the impact recent weather has on cotton farming, which is our backbone industry in this area.  The weather girl wanted to assert that rain is ALWAYS a blessing, but this much at this point in the season, especially when the temps drop as they have, is like a “return to winter”.  It shortens the growing season, increases the risk of crop failure, and drives up costs due to replanting.  Of course farmers hate to complain about rain ever, there is a heightened concern as too much creates a critical condition.  It almost feels like God is not on our side!  But of course no one ever says that!

But you know what did not make the news?


Oh yeah, I thank God for maintaining the vanity of my castle; my friend gets sympathy for braving a couple of nights in the wet and cold, and the farm industry makes the headlines navigating acts of God and insurance policies while keeping the rest of our local economy in suspense since we tend to rise and fall with the tide of their success or failure.

But no one pauses to think whether (the Matthew 25:35-36) Jesus is honored.  Beholding to insurance policies rather than the image of God, what will that say of this “Christian town” at the Great Coming Judgment?

Worth asking now, I think.


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