Being an enthusiast of N.T. Wright, I often view myself much like Tim (the-tool-man) Taylor from the (now long forgotten sitcom) Home Improvement – especially those recurring moments when Wilson, the wise old neighbor, would reveal some deep wisdom, and Tim, the dim wit, would try to regurgitate it all for his wife.  I consider my Christian faith to have been challenged at a level of about 90% by Wright!  And no one, but no one, has challenged me sooooo deeply and helped me reimagine my faith more biblically!  But when it comes to Bible study, Wright is the master and I am a bumbling disciple.

Nevertheless, with 90% of my faith so challenged and reformed, almost everything I say and do is affected by this man’s teaching.  I find even this blog to be a Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor reworking and implementation of the things I have learned from Wilson (Wright) and devoted to ministry among the homeless.  When I look at my own work, I see Wright’s eyes and forehead over my backyard fence!  His face is not here, but his voice and influence is.

Perhaps I should have called this blog “Homeless Improvement”.

To be fair, I have never seen, heard, or read Wright address homelessness directly – and certainly not comprehensively.  No.  Not at all.  He tends to stick much closer to The Bible than to the various ways its implications work out – especially in the realm of homelessness.  That is my part.

But Wright spoke at Pepperdine University earlier this month (a sister school with my alma mater and part of my faith tradition).  And right now, while his message is fresh, I have this opportunity to introduce you to the voice behind my backyard fence – so to speak.  If that interests you, then prepare yourself for a depth of biblical analysis and preaching you will not likely find hardly anywhere else.



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