What Is HOME?

Here’s a question to which I seek a public response:

What is HOME?

If you prefer to answer a more elaborate version of the question, consider it thus:

What does ‘HOME’ mean to you?


I happen to be of the strong opinion that there are deeper dimensions to HOME than merely four walls and a roof – VITAL THOUGH SUCH MAY BE!  But perhaps someone reading here might think there is not.  And if not, then please make that case as well.

I am interested.  I look forward to all thoughtful responses… especially any that seek biblical basis.

Thank you.



  1. Ronald S. Exum · June 4, 2016

    As I am coming to understand: our home began here on Earth in a Paradise Garden which more importantly was God’s own Temple; designed and built for him to his glory.

    If I said that right then my true home is in that Temple.

    To regain that then a lot of restoration work must be done. “Pardon our Dust” it is being done even now. When it’s all set right it will reflect the description found of the New Heaven and New Earth of Revelation 20.

    Sin will be gone. God himself will light our existence, no more tears, wow! Apparently we will pick up the original plan God had for man before the fall.

    Meaning work amid love, beauty and in the presence of our God.

    Yes, that is the long-home where I want to be….amid old friends and family I love — and who love me.

    I think that’s my home.


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  2. LoiterLarry · June 6, 2016

    Home is where the heart is. Home is being loved by the people you love, celebrating one another and sharing your life and living situation with them. Typically your family.

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  3. Sheldon Bass · June 10, 2016

    Home is not a physical structure, rather it is made of space wherein dwell souls and spirits in one accord. It is a place of safety where you are accepted, loved and nurtured that you may grow. It is also a place of accountability and learning.

    To a vagabond, wherever they lay their hat is their home, meaning: wherever they find themselves, there they are content to be. But contentment does not constitute a true home.

    God is preparing a home for all those who place their faith in Jesus the Christ, His Son, and make Him the Lord of their lives. This home is the epitome of what a home should be.

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  4. Sylvia · June 11, 2016

    Biblically speaking, Home is in Heaven, where we as souls began, where God created us and then sent us here to withstand the trials and tests that this world offers. This world is not home. It is temporary for us, and the objects that are here are nothing when we die. As we move through this life toward its eventual and certain end, we are to strive to act in a manner that pleases God, to use Jesus to guide us through the rough spots and the good spots too, to prime ourselves to that we can get back to Heaven, which is what we hope our eternal home will be. There are two choices for home in eternity, and the Bible says it plainly and clearly. We need to work our way through our faith, our actions, our words, and accept the Grace of God so that we can get there with Him, instead of the alternative of eternal misery that we cannot even begin to know. Our Home is only accessible in eternity through the cross and the salvation that’s offered by Jesus Christ. What we do here is our accountability for where eternal “home will be”


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