I Joined A New Club

I woke up to a stirring baby.  My eye looked at the clock, then shut in denial.  Then in a heartbeat, I knew that I could use the bathroom, get clothes on, grab a cup of coffee, and catch the news headlines if I acted fast before she began crying.  Suddenly I sprung into action!

I watched the headlines while the angel bounced on my knee.   She smiled that smile that makes my day.  My wife gave me a small polka dot dress.  I helped her put it on while she laughed at me.  I managed not to see much news because the baby won my heart and attention instead.  She was particularly sweet.

Then my wife got the call just a few hours later.  The judge had decided her birth parents had satisfied the minimal requirements for their kids to be placed back in their home.  And though I am exhausted from the 3 am feedings, juggling work/day-care schedules, and, of course, constantly falling behind on cleaning the house, I suddenly joined the club of foster parents who give these beloved children back to parents who struggle just to pass a drug test.

We only had these kids about a month and a half, but the investment, the bonding, the joy and sacrifice has been 24/7 and runs deep.  Our family hurts!

It was so hard to watch that little polka dot dress disappear in the car and drive away.

One comment

  1. Ronald S. Exum · July 12, 2016

    It’s my notion you have experienced what parenting really is, and why parents sacrifice for their children. May God bless you.


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