Black Lives Matter…

I am going off course with this post – not far off course, but off nonetheless.

My timing is off.  The shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, the dramas of which then were enhanced (if not overshadowed) by the shootings in Dallas, are all old news now.  Also the standard course of this blog is to talk about Jesus, homelessness, church, and bearing the image of God – all stuff that normally has nothing to do with my job.  (To be more precise, I keep my job separate from the blog except in the most vague of terms.)


I have recently begun work in law enforcement.  I am not a cop, but I work with and among them extensively.  Some people are confused by my uniform and think I am a cop.  And in fact, in the wake of the Dallas shootings, I have been cautioned that my appearance and work place could make me a target for vengeful people.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the hostile atmosphere.  And my thought is this: As a person working in law enforcement, one bearing the image of “cop” no less, I think it is my mission to behave as if black lives matter.  No.  I am not excluding other colors at all.  I should treat brown and white and red and yellow with the same care.  But in this day-n-age, and under the scrutiny law enforcement currently finds itself, the black lives are the topic on everyone’s mind.  And if more blue lives behaved like black lives matter, we can bring healing to the very real wounds that have been inflicted and seem to be escalating.

I commit myself to behaving in every imaginative way I can to tell the black lives I encounter that they matter to me personally – and to do this with behavior and nonverbal cues as much as possible.

In a word:  LOVE.

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