So… Vandelia….

This is the second Sunday now since I got any feedback from you.  I get that you want a private discussion, but I cannot image anything meaningful or helpful you would have to say that cannot face up to the light of day.  But you have gone silent.


Is this “agree to disagree”?

Or is it just the old stone wall?

I look forward to your response.

One comment

  1. LoiterLarry · August 1, 2016

    I am really sorry to see it come to this. Very sad.

    I wonder, though. Did any of the business culminating in recent developments get handled publically?

    I bet not.

    Decisions are made in back rooms by powerful people. To expose that business to public scrutiny is to be vulnerable, and powerful people have enough of that already. Just look at congress, for example. Your elected representatives supposedly answer to you, and they vote on decisions publically, but the real decisions and trade-offs and deals are made in the lobby with lobbyists (which is not really handled even in the lobby, but over drinks on private yachts and so forth complete with hammered out strategy to make it appear as if the voters interests were cared for). At this point, the power players have mastered the art of evading your light of day. They are not going to answer you.

    You may be willing to look like a bufoon – a prophet being shunned – and all that, but your voice only adds to the caustic atmosphere, don’t you think? What good is going to come of this? Who is really listening? Anyone reading here who might take an interest in your point is more likely enthused about the hostile edge of your rhetoric than in you confronting sin and then, hopefully, making peace. There are plenty of people out there who want to see the church burn, or if not that at least invade her with their sinful agendas so as to legitimate their sins if possible, and your rhetoric here does more to help them achieve that than in you and your church getting to the bottom of this issue.

    That is assuming your really have the readership.

    Perhaps the high road here is more along the lines of Young David, the Lord’s Anointed, catching King Saul off guard and taking a cut off cloth off his garment. You have achieved that much at least here. But even though King Saul is, obvious to Bible readers and to history, not the bearer of God’s blessing, promise, or future for his people, nevertheless he is the bearer of God’s Anointing. That is something not lost on David, the person who stands to gain the most by ignoring or reducing that fact. On the contrary, David is quite passionate about Saul’s Anointing and even executes the lad who claims to have killed Saul, thus removing the obstacle to David’s enthronement.

    This church, despite its embrace of sin, is still the Lord’s Anointed. What she does to herself, you are powerless to stop. Meanwhile, though you run around the fringe looking like a kook or outlaw or whatever, and even if you bear the truth that can withstand the light of day where she does not, you must respect the Lord’s Anointed.

    I pray for peace. It is obvious to me that you love these people. Your conflict is a lover’s quarrel. The only shalom to be had is not agreeing to disagree, but in following God’s way of salvation and receiving his ultimate healing. Sin is never the avenue to get there. Only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. But his bride must answer to him, not to you.

    You have done enough to raise the questions and put them in the light of day. But anymore runs the risk of antagonizing, and there will not be healing down that road.

    Pray for this church. I am. I know you do to. So I join you in that.

    Hear, O Israel, YHWH our God is ONE.

    Take care, brother.

    I am more than merely a schizophrenic voice, I am a friend.



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