Beneath Contempt

Have you ever drove up to the parking spot near a dumpster and discovered a lady pulling up her pants after squatting to pee?

I have.

And she was someone I attended church with.

Do you ever see that person the same again?

I suppose not.  I always tried to imagine she had more dignified options, but the reality of her situation slapped me in the face.  Her life on the streets is stark like that.  And most people driving by just don’t care, and if they saw her would be filled with contempt.

But I was her friend, trying not to notice – not to shame her.  I did not draw attention to the situation, but invited her to worship – to pray, sing, read some Scripture and preach sermons to each other there in the alley.

And we found Jesus there.

Beneath contempt.


  1. The Gathering Journal · August 28, 2016

    This is AWESOME!!!-anita


  2. Agent X · August 28, 2016


    We found that Isaiah 53 -suffering servant – Jesus beneath the contempt of the watching world!


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