More Homeless Babies

I thought I was gonna write a post and acknowledge the volunteers from Lowe’s Home Improvement store who are helping out at Tent City (It’s called Grace Campus these days) while the residents there suffer from all the rain we have been blessed with the last few days.  Yeah, they made the evening news, and I am thrilled to see the media pointing out that amid all the blessed rain, some people are suffering from it.  This means they are not being ignored.


Then Mrs. Agent X comes home from work tonight with a second foster child – a two year old boy.  (His baby sister is in the hospital recovering from parental crimes committed against her, and she will join us too when she heals enough for discharge.)  And I am just shocked at how clingy this toddler is with me.  I barely met him, yet inside of 10 minutes he wants me to hold him; he wants me to hug him close and not let go.


He oughta be just a little nervous about meeting me… timid, you know?  But no.  Not this kid.  He reminds me of that scene from Pink Floyd’s The Wall where young Pink watches a father and son he does not know on the play ground swing set and he asks the father to push him in the swing too and then clasps the stranger’s hand in a vain attempt to get the man to love him along with his son.

Heart breaking.

And yet, it is our ticket to ride.  We wanted babies.  They are OUT THERE.  And this is the damage they deal with – addicted parents who neglect them and give them up at the drop of a hat!

Hey…  If you remember this ministry sometime tomorrow while you are doing … what ever it is you do…. Will you talk to God about us?

And if you live in Lubbock and think you might want to come join our little Jesus-party and help out, please let me know.  We could use some volunteers.  I have been dreaming that our home might be a place where the village comes together to celebrate these young lives and to worship God – and maybe do a few dishes, change a few diapers, eat a meal with us… all the stuff you might expect from church.

However, if you want to volunteer, you will need to submit to a criminal background check.  CPS regulates most of the people who come in and out of here.  But Jesus will welcome those who share the dream.  So will I.  And a community of Jesus-loving people is sorely needed when dealing with homelessness.


  1. Debi · August 31, 2016

    How I wish I were in your area. Prayers for you and your family of little Jesus’.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BrookeM · September 1, 2016

    Heartbreaking, indeed! I’m praying for your family.


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