A Prophetic Prediction About The Presidential Election

Tonight our presidential candidates square off in debate, and it promises to be the highest rated TV show of the year!  It seems there is a LOT of interest.

I don’t think I am alone in saying that I really do not like either of the candidates.  Neither of them represent my concerns very well, and one of them in particular almost frightens me as a potential president, while the other I find distasteful and worrying.  I am not endorsing either one!

In fact, it seems likely that most of the American voters will be voting against a candidate rather than endorsing and championing one over the other.


I predict that after election day, half (or more) of the people of our nation are going to be very upset with the results.  In fact, about half will be very worried and angry with them.  And within that astounding number of fearful, angry people, many will be my friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family (even my church family).  And a lot of them are going to express their dissatisfaction, anger, and fears in both respectful and inappropriate ways that cause offense to me and to their fellow countrymen. 

Yes. That is my prediction.

And as a prophet who goes to the place of shame, pain, and despair in my community TO BEAR THE IMAGE OF GOD THERE, I think it is appropriate now to begin praying openly for our national leadership – EVEN IF I DON’T WANT THEM AS MY LEADERS!

I am telling you, O blog-O-sphere, about this now in hopes that some of you will join me in doing that.  There is a lot of work in this place of shame, pain, and despair to be done.  Only the Image of God can touch this massive wound with healing.  May the God who uses even pagan kings like Darius as his servant be appealed to for guiding our nation with the leaders we are about to elect!




  1. John Lewis · September 26, 2016

    God has this under control. But I just have no idea where He’s taking it. Guess that’s because He’s driving, not me. I think you’re right on this, great post!

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    • Agent X · September 28, 2016

      Thanx for the comment. I suppose my underlying aim here is not really so much about making predictions (though that is cool, and I figure the title makes it more attractive to potential readers), but it is really about preparing for the intense raw disappointment and bitterness that is sure to erupt no matter which way this thing goes. I hope we all pray about it. I hope those of us sober minded enough will work on it, and I think this is one (if not the main) handle we might have on it. And finally, I hope readers here will find a bit of conviction.

      If your side wins, I hope you rejoice graciously and not gloat. If your side loses, I hope you turn your fears to God. My side has already lost, in that sense, because I do not wish for either candidate to win, so I am already taking up my position with the losing side and working to represent it graciously.

      But even saying all that, I really hope this nation learns to pray and trust God with our hearts and not just our lip service! “One nation under God…” should, I would hope, put the emphasis more on the God and on the under than on the nation! But I don’t think that is where the emphasis really is. “In God we trust” is a good place for a nation to put that trust, now trust HIM!

      But I thought I could maybe smuggle these deeper thoughts into the mix with the more potent talk of prophecy and predictions.

      Thanx for reading here and commenting.

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      • John Lewis · September 28, 2016

        Amen brother! “One nation under God”, “In God We Trust”, for USA, Only for lip service these days. It would not surprise me to say God removed altogether in our lifetimes. My son had an introductory assignment in a middle school class to write about something he believes in, but God was not allowable for a topic. We are removing God from all parts of public life and relegating Him to a private, personal “choice” or “preference”.

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    • Agent X · September 28, 2016

      To disclose my view even more fully than I did the first time, I really think the founding fathers of this nation cut God out way back at the start in what Thomas Jefferson called a Separation of Church and State. This is God’s world, his creation, and this nation is a very ungracious guest that cuts God out of the governing business right in the founding documents. This goes back to your post, in my mind, about the battle between empire and Kingdom, between the city of God and the city of Babylon. That Tower of Babel story comes from the primordial history with few details, but it is the precursor for Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Greece, Rome, and the modern West. (I think I got those out of chrono order) And there is no doubt that the very idea of DEMOCRACY is hostile to the idea of THEOCRACY and KINGDOM.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love this country, I just think it is deep in sin and rebellion and needs desperately to repent.

      Also, I am aware, though I have not made it a focus of study, that “theocracy” has been attempted and failed – even Christian theocracy. But then I am also convinced that if at first you don’t succeed, trying again often works.

      Thanx again for the input! It is good to have you.


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      • John Lewis · September 28, 2016

        Thank you!! I am actually relatively new to studying the bible, so it is good as well to have you.

        Sorry if it takes awhile sometimes to respond, I have a full time job and four kids to keep up with. But I will try to respond as timely as possible.


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