Black Hole Jesus

Preston Searcy

For over a decade now, I’ve had the joy of interacting with men and women who are said to be on the “margins of society.”

The word margin simply means “the edge or border of something.” When describing people, the word typically references those who don’t fit into the normal social structure of a community. Maybe they are homeless, addicted, severely mentally ill, or economically disadvantaged in some way.

For a while, I thought marginalized people were like Pluto, the ex-planet. Isolated, forgotten, and purposely excluded — far from the center.

I thought Jesus was like the sun. If Christians wanted to reach the marginalized, they had to first meet Jesus (the sun), travel far away to find the lost person, then bring that person all the way back to Jesus.

But I’m learning that Jesus is more like a black hole.

And the margin is like an event horizon.

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