As I Lay Me Down To Sleep and Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep

I want to THANK You, O God, for the warm, dry, bed I have to sleep in tonight.

Thank You for the wonderful woman I have to share it with.

Thank You for our good kids.

Thank You for the fine HOME we live in – a castle situated, as it is, in a garden of grass, trees, and flowers.

Thank You for coming to live here with us.  When I look into the faces of these infant, foster children You blessed us with, I see Baby Jesus in my arms, and I ask You to make Your servants prepared for the Master’s return to His HOUSE!  (If God is in there, is it temple?) Oh, God, how I need Thee every hour!

And as I look out the window and smile at the blessed falling rain on this cool October night, I am reminded of every bum, beggar, and prophet taking shelter under bridges, parking garages, awnings, and “No Trespassing” signs – men and women a plenty – who will not be invited into either Your HOUSE or mine tonight.  I think of Matt and Ryan, of Erica and Rudy, of Jerry, of May (Oh… May, who is now without her beloved James) and soooooo many others, and I wonder how they manage tonight.  I think of that elderly couple I met last year who were living in their storage unit, hiding from the owner and the authorities, and if they are warm tonight.  I think of Jeremy and Andy and those guys who struggle with mental illness or drug addiction, some of whom are quite adventurous and probably view this cold and wet as a challenge to be conquered – God Bless ’em.  Oh, God, how they need Thee every hour!

May n Lee

If Jesus lives there, that's a temple?

If Jesus lives there, that’s a temple?

And of course I pray asking You to give them Your Hope, Your Joy, Your Peace, and Your Comfort in full measure…. But even more than that, for all our sakes, I pray that they might bear Your image (though they largely neither know how nor particularly desire it).  And so, therefore, I ask You to express Yourself through them, in Your mighty and mysterious way.  And that at the sight of You (in them) the mountains would bow down, the valleys would stand at attention, and the crooked places would straighten out (Isa. 40:3-5).  That at the sight of You (in them) the economy would turn upside down and be shaken out to the core just like You did using those beggars of old (II Kings 6:24 – 7:20).  And then at the sight of You (in them) Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Lubbock, Texas LIKE IT IS IN HEAVEN! (Matt. 6:10).

Easter Tent City II

Please Lord, hear my humble prayer and rouse Your mighty self.  Do not delay.  We are waiting.



  1. Debi · October 13, 2016

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  2. The Gathering Journal · October 27, 2016

    Love your blog, “As I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord my soul to keep”! What an awesome prayer of thanksgiving and request for protection and blessing upon EVERYONE…especially those we usually forget to pray for. Thanks for the reminder…anita

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