I have NOT had the chance to speak with Frank Morrison personally, but I am aware (and have spoken to mutual friends) that the property under management with The Coronado Project (TCP) is now in foreclosure with plans to auction it all off.  This hits me like a two-ton heavy thing.

I can only imagine the grief Frank and his staff are feeling as they consider where some of his clients will go and try desperately to help them manage the transition.  TCP has been holding families together that otherwise almost certainly will come apart as parents wind up on the streets and kids in foster care.  Several residents are former homeless folk who may well end up back out on the streets just in time for winter.  And since Frank has worked tirelessly for years serving just those people AND has tied his own wealth to their cause, I sense strongly that he is hurting deeply for them (and may well find himself facing destitution as a result along with them).

I am sure, based on things I have heard, that only a miracle will keep TCP going now.  Effectively, TCP is dead, and any forward motion will require a full-blown resurrection at this point.  Will God move with such drama?  I don’t know.

I am certain that Frank faces temptations to fight, perhaps get ugly even.  But I hope he keeps his eye on Jesus in the midst of this storm.  I am certain that anyone watching this development will see a man serving Jesus WITH HIS ALL and TO THE BITTER END!  Whether God sees fit to resurrect TCP or not, Frank and his staff are in a position to show all of us what Jesus looks like in the world – a savior offering his whole self as in sacrifice for the love of God while going largely ignored by the powers that be (including the church – sadly).

Once again, I ask for your prayers.  Please pray for those folks facing the streets tonight that Frank is no longer able to keep in his care.  Please pray for Frank to lean evermore on Jesus.  And Please pray for Jesus to express himself through these people as they stand in the place of shame, pain, and despair in our community – and maybe, just maybe, at the sight of the image of our God, mountains will bow low, valleys stand at attention, crooked places straighten out.  And maybe, just maybe, the economy will turn upside down and shake out on the ground amid these lowly image-bearers, just like happened with those beggar-prophets of old (II Kings 6-7).  And maybe, just maybe, at the sight of God amid these lowly ones, God’s Kingdom will come and his will be done in Lubbock, Texas like it is in heaven!

That would be a good prayer for you to join me in praying.



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