Blogs That Jazz Me: Homeless Blogs

I frequently go searching around the blog-O-sphere looking for people talking about homelessness, Jesus, and ministry.  Sometimes I find blogs that are entirely dedicated to homelessness, sometimes they feature it frequently but deal with other matters as well.  Those that deal with Christian faith in relation to homelessness tend to be my favorite.


That said, there are hidden treasures out there worth sharing.  I keep looking because there are always more to find.  But it occurs to me that this kind of blogging rarely gets large-scale notoriety, and so I should do what I can to promote those blogs.

Today I want to link you to 5 blogs that jazz me – especially as they regard homeless issues.  These are 5 among many, and I anticipate doing this kind of post again in the future (perhaps featuring other kinds of blogs that jazz me which don’t always deal with homelessness).  I encourage my readers to check them out, perhaps even leave an encouraging word with these folks!  I hope this will be an uplifting experience as those bloggers find encouragement, and some of my readers find meaningful experience reading some great blogs.


First, Preston Searcy offers one of the more exciting and insightful blogs regarding Christian ministry to the street homeless and poor that I have ever found.  I cannot over estimate how rewarding your experience will be if you pop in on his blog and give it a looksee.  He frequently tells compelling stories from his ministry experiences, offers good biblical and theological reflection, and writes with excellence.  Please check him out here:


Secondly, allow me to introduce you to Amy Murphy’s blog The Miracles I See.  I must confess (and I have never told this to Amy) that I mistook her blog, when I initially discovered her, for another Homeless Ministry blog based in North Carolina, and it took several months for me to realize I was dealing with someone different.  Nevertheless, Amy is a strong activist/minister who champions the cause in her community and advocates for the poor in the media and in the face of Greensboro’s power brokers.  You can follow her tireless efforts and find great inspiration from her blog.  Amy has proven to be a great encourager to me on my blog as well!  Please check her out here:


Next, please check out the chronicles of Manna House, a homeless ministry in Memphis, Tennessee.  This blog is not really interactive, at least not with me, but the rich accounts of life on the streets and in ministry to the poor coupled with deep theological reflections are worth your time and attention.  Again, there is a sense of excellence on this blog, and it lends weight to the gravity of the issues discussed.  This blog has my sincere admiration, and I think it will have yours too.  Find it by clicking here:


Fourthly, I want to draw your attention to a particularly adventurous blogger who challenges himself to live on the streets amid the homeless, posts his experiences as he walks a block in the shoes of the poor, and then offers comprehensive ministry serving all the needs.  In the course of it, he challenges us to step up to the plate as he asks, “Do you care?”, and then demands, “Prove it!”  He runs a ministry called Manna Café that you can help and pray for… as you Prove It!  This blog is one of the more spicy of blogs, because this minister will take you to the nitty and the gritty of homelessness.  Please check out Kenny York’s blog here:

Tent City II

My number 5 blog does not post very often, but the beauty of this one is that Kevin Barbieux writes as a homeless man.  His blog is called The Homeless Guy.  And I am particularly grateful to Kevin for a link to a Ted Talk on one of his more recent posts dealing with addiction in which I found the observation made that as floor space in the average American home expanded over the last couple of generations, so has addiction and loneliness.  I have begun following up that assertion with further research, and I find it to be incredibly insightful.  But still, his overall blog is very friendly and yet comes from the perspective of a chronically homeless man.  Find the Homeless Guy by clicking here:


I want to add one more blog to this list of 5.  I add it here because it comes nearer fitting this category of blog than most of the others I follow, but it rarely deals with homelessness – strictly speaking.  BrookeM deals with ministry to the poor in nearly all of her posts, but it tends to focus on ministry to children.  And if you follow my blog, you know that children are dear to me as well, and while we tend to think of homelessness as a matter of adults living on the streets particularly, I of course suggest that it is a far broader matter and actually encompasses children in foster care or even those in the ghetto/barrio living their lives on the edge!  BrookeM will help us serve and find Jesus in the faces of these kids as she demonstrates that Compassion is a Journey.  Please check her out here:

Delusions of Ministry

I know I said I would only offer 5 blogs here, and I expect most readers to feel overwhelmed checking that many out.  And then I introduce you to a 6th on top of that, but I really want to promote many of these sites actually.  These are the ones I get most jazzed by – especially as they relate to homeless ministry.  But for those who might want to seek more, I will leave a list of others we might call worthy of “honorable mention”.  I hope you will offer encouragement to all these bloggers as they glorify God in the blog-O-sphere.  Perhaps you could tell them Agent X sent you, and we might draw together all the more in mutual support.


Honorable Mention List:



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    Thanks for sharing these! I look forward to checking them out!

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