Where’s the light in this darkness?

I hope the one or two people who read my blog will look at this one too.

For the City

That Tuesday night was a roller coaster of emotions.

In just the first few minutes of Street Ministry we heard back to back stories of affliction and devastation from our friends who are homeless.

“After the stroke, I still can’t move my right side.”
“My wife and I broke up.”
“He got beat up and is at Stanford Hospital in ICU.”
“I don’t think I have much longer to live.”

It can be so heartbreaking to hear these stories and witness the hardships and suffering. That night it felt overwhelming. There is so much darkness, and it is so far beyond my control.

As we drove to our second stop of the night I wondered, “Why do I do this? Does it matter? Am I making a difference? The community and the people there seem just as broken as ever, if not more so.”

I had to remind myself that…

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  1. Larry Who · November 5, 2016

    “As we drove to our second stop of the night I wondered, “Why do I do this? Does it matter? Am I making a difference?”

    I like what Mother Teresa said: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

    Our little drops matter to God and other people

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    • Agent X · November 5, 2016


      Thanx for that comment. I love Momma T! A real hero among us lesser beings, for sure.

      I will point out that I use an Image-Bearing lens to present my thoughts through. The writer of this post does not, but I do. And likewise, I see this post through that lens also. I was thinking of the futility this writer was feeling and writing about and letting it bounce sparks off the image of Jesus on the cross. If he had unleashed an armored tank division and blasted the Romans, the Sadducees, and a few Pharisees out of the way, I am sure he could have set up a throne in the capitol. James and John would have been eager to take up prestigious posts amid his glory if he had.

      … BUT…

      Instead, Jesus’s coronation was on a Roman cross. And he too FELT rather impotent, I am sure, when he quoted Psalm 22 asking God why he was abandoned just then.

      … OF COURSE …

      That is FULL of irony. Despite being crucified like just one more lynched Jew, something that came quite easy to do in the Ancient world, God actually revealed himself in that small, otherwise insignificant, deeply shameful, utterly painful, downright despairing moment of ministry. AND in fact, the whole of world history turns on just that moment!

      Taking a lesson from that… AND NOT discounting the feelings expressed in the post for even one second, we see that despite the smallness, the futility, the shame and despair of it, God is revealing himself in those small acts of ministry too.

      Thanx so much for visiting and responding!



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