Homeless Blogging & The Holiday Season

November is here now, but fortunately not the snow yet.  I have yet to see the television offer a full-blown Christmas advertisement, but I sense that is because it is preoccupied with the presidential election.  And I reflect on HOME, the homeless, and the approaching holidays and wonder what has changed since last year?  Has my ministry and/or this blog made any difference?  Did Jesus???


I could say all the same stuff again this year, just in time for the holidays, and I am touched by all the traffic my Christmas Eve post last year generated, but I see NO DIFFERENCE it made.

Here’s the thing:

On this blog, I make NO EFFORT to change the homeless; rather I make every effort to get the White, Middle-class “Christians” (of Lubbock, Texas specifically) to REPENT and make some serious changes.  Specifically, I promote the idea that the churches of this town OPEN their doors to the poor at night, and for Christians with spare bedrooms to open their HOMEs to the homeless!

PBates Cartoon

How much has changed?

Not much.  So, I am stuck making the usual offerings.  And I am kinda disheartened by it.  I am a broken record offering the message of God’s LOVE which falls again on deaf ears.

So, let me just link you to the usual blog posts.  I will put them all together for easy perusal.  I am not hoping you are blessed.  I am hoping you become a blessing!

Please.  Please!  PLEASE!!!  Let’s make some changes this year!

(btw, to all those Christian bloggers who lament Halloween celebrations for their pagan influence on the faith, I challenge you to turn your guns on BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER SATURDAY too!)

Christmas 2015 stockings


Snapshot 7April 30 Joe n Missy at WhataburgerSnapshot 5 Calendar attempt


Mike fixing tent poles after storm windSnapshot 4 Calendar attemptTent blowing down in wind


Brandon sensored I


May n Lee




Snapshot 1 Calendar attempt 1




  1. R Exum · November 7, 2016

    Signs of change. I was reading Sunday how Israel was demanding such. God & Christ replied with a mustard seeds view of the Kingdom. Maybe things happen on levels I can’t see. That sounds like faith, wow.

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  2. Agent X · November 7, 2016

    Thx for the encouraging comment.

    I was just reading Wright’s handling of the Beatitudes (a passage recently covered at church – very differently, I might add) in which he points out the following (which I abbreviate):

    “What will it look like, when Israel’s God (as opposed to any other god) becomes king? It will not be a matter of soldiers and police imposing the divine will on people by brute force. It will be through a different kind of power altogether:
    Blessings on the poor in spirit! The kingdom of heaven is yours.

    Blessings on the mourners! You’re going to be comforted.

    Blessings on the meek!…

    Blessings on the….

    Blessings on the…

    This famous passage (the Beatitudes, or “Blessings”) is usually read as though it is simply a promise of blessing TO the people thus described. But a moment’s thought will reveal that though this is obviously true, it is actually the SECOND-ORDER truth. What matters is that these are the kind of people THROUGH whom the kingdom will be launched…..”

    Considering that I just witnessed Pat Robertson on TV manipulating “Christians” to vote for Trump as part of his god’s kingdom come through a mode much more akin to the vision of soldiers and police imposing (or voters imposing) by brute force, this is entirely counter-intuitive! And I would say that a vote for Hillary is no different at that level. And for that matter, the church where I have been visiting lately largely ignoring the election (like the Alcoholics Elephant in the Room) imbibes the same cultural spirit in big and small ways – and made no observation such as that of Wright’s when handling the same text just 4 weeks ago.

    It occurs to me that the action of God in the Life of Jesus the Nazarene begins with a lowly birth mostly ignored by the world except for a few pagan astrologers and lowly shepherds. If the chief of priests and King Herod could have been there they either would not have attended preferring to ignore God’s coming Kingdom or would try to stamp it out with a slaughter of the innocents!

    Let us turn our attention, allegiance, and worship to that lowly place even now for all we are worth!!!


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