Learn Empathy For The Homeless: Give Them Cigarettes

I too have offered cigarettes to the homeless. It is an ice-breaker when meeting strangers, and in this particular demographic, it enhances Christian street ministry with powerful effect.

It is the difference between fishing for men with a fishing pole or fishing for men with nets!

However, as a Christian minister, I must say it is entirely optional. As one of my readers has already let me know, some ministers have reservations about it. But if you do it, I think you will find the reblogged post below to be almost prophetic.


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

cigaretteIt’s time for some out of the box thinking.

I performed a very informal study to discover a way the average person could engage homeless persons in the hope of fostering empathy for these citizens, their lifestyles and outlook.

Most of us are removed from direct interaction with the homeless. The closest approach is perhaps to give them money and to then walk away, with little more than a greeting and a thank-you being the entire discourse. Our time among them is momentary and relegated to simply a transaction initiated and dismissed by each side with expediency.

I discovered cigarettes can change it all. Now, we can have a dialogue.

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