A Simple Meal: The Recipe for Friendship

I am shocked that I FINALLY found someone out there who thinks SHARING the meal with the homeless is key to ministering to them. I am so excited to find this post. Please check it out!

Reconciliation Thinking

By Dan Crain, South Atlanta Community Facilitator

What happens when you share a meal with someone?

You are equals, and each person brings something to the table.

There’s a danger associated with soup kitchens and “drive-by” ministries that feed the homeless; it divides us.

I observed something interesting with a friend one day at Retreat from the Street. Retreat from the Street is a community of REMERGE.

The typical schedule for our time together is to gather at 9:30 for Bible study and prayer, then to break for lunch around 11:30. Lunch is prepared by members of the community and typically very delicious. After the study, I was served a meal and began to eat.

As I was eating, a friend named Tycone approached me and told me how glad he was to see that I was sharing a meal with them. I asked him why he was surprised.


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