Let Us Go Into The House of The Lord! (Invitation Series Post #1)

“I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the house of the LORD’.  Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem!” (Psalm 122:1-2)

This blog is all about getting into God’s House (aka “HOME”).

I feature solidarity with the homeless of Lubbock’s streets.  I feature ministry that reaches out and pulls them in.  I feature joining the homeless in alleys, back lots, city parks, and under “No Trespassing” signs – especially as they CONTINUE to be LOCKED OUT of the church!  I feature prayer on behalf of “the least of these”.  I feature conflict with religious leaders who persist in closing them out.  And I feature HOME both as a quasi-philosophical ideal and as a literal gift of God I strive to facilitate in the house in which I live.

It is this last sentence, if I have actually captured the essence of my own meaning in a sentence (like building a model sailing ship in a bottle) that I want to explore more fully, richly, and completely.  I know this will seem abstract, but I invite you to join me as I find and explore God’s HOME at the intersection of prayer, ministry, and the address where I live – and seek to move discussion and experience of it from merely the abstract and other-worldly spiritualism into the space, time, and matter we currently occupy.  In that sense I mean it like praying for God’s Kingdom to come and his will be done ON EARTH like it is in heaven. (Wink, wink, John Lewis, wink, wink!)

What is it like behind the veil?

I am not entirely sure.  I can say a few things about it, but there is a lot I can’t.  I hope to expand my knowledge of this place as I go, but I don’t expect to journey a long way in.  Rather, I expect to explore the intersection of earth with heaven.  I expect my life to be reshaped, my identity to change, as I am made fit to be entrusted with this treasure within my earthen vessel.  I invite you to join; I am hopeful that you will contribute to the exploration and the findings.

This much I feel sure about, we walk in this place by faith and not be sight (II Cor. 5:7).  In fact, in our lives heretofore, we rely so heavily on physical sight that it may actually be a liability – at least some of the time.  There are furnishings in the inner courts – a golden lampstand, alter of incense, table of showbread, Ark of the Covenant (to name a few) – that automatically bring visual images to the mind’s eye.  If we could physically walk into that space, I am sure our eyes would guide us to and around these things.  But there is also the Presence of God, the heart of God, the holiness of God in here as well, and these things are more real than gold, a harder reality than physical stone, but you cannot see them with your eyes.  You must grope for them with faith.  We run the risk of the blind men and the elephant, but if we ask the Spirit of God to lead us, he will be our guide.

I fear I sound as though I seek the Spiritual at the expense of the physical creation.  Let me assure you that I don’t.  The physical creation is God’s good creation birthed by the Spirit of God brooding over the primordial waters (Gen. 1:2).  Physical creation is spiritual, and I have no desire to leave the HOME he provides.  (This world IS my HOME, and I’m NOT just a passin’ through!)  But I expect there is a mysterious overlap of heaven and earth that I was originally intended to inhabit, and that is the space, time, and matter of creation that God originally thought was so GOOD which he will again one day invest with the knowledge of his glory “as the waters cover the sea” (Isa. 11:9).  If that is not yet clear, hopefully it at least provides a pointer, a compass, in the mist.

Snapshot 1 Calendar attempt 1

On this blog, you can find posts where I have attempted to explore God’s space, time, and matter on just such terms.  See my post (and it’s follow up posts) on sharing lunch with Jesus at Popeye’s one day last Spring.  Or check out my post where I describe the Proph-O-Drama Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Agents X and how we found Jesus at the intersection of Scripture, communion (Luke 24:30-31), and a homeless bum! (Matt. 25:40).  Or check out my post where I dare to dream of living as a steward in God’s house as he transforms the place we pay our mortgage on into His Holy Place – our Dream Home!  But perhaps weakest foray into this mist, while hopefully being best aimed, is my Unless-God-Builds-The-House series of posts dealing with prayer.  These posts represent my feeble attempts to explore behind the veil.

If all of this sounds a bit too symbolic, transcendental, or metaphysical… well, I am sorry, but that is the realm at which I aim.  However, it might better be termed apocalyptic and/or prophetic to avoid coming off as too intellectual and stuffy.  I sense that these terms lend themselves a bit more to the earthy side of the dynamics they describe, but also to harsh rhetoric and oracles of Judgement.  This blog has embraced such harsh rhetoric as it confronts the church that so easily keeps the homeless outside its locked doors, and I am not backing off of that one bit because it is appropriate and warranted!  But I also sense that there is a spiritual depth yet to be explored when we enter prayer, praise, and especially communion with bums in alleys behind locked up churches.  And I sense that depth also needs to confront our short-sighted world.

Please consider this your invitation to join me.  Your contribution is welcome.



  1. Larry Who · November 15, 2016

    I also like to remind myself that I am a house of the Lord, too.

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    • Agent X · November 15, 2016

      It’s his house, Larry, not mine. I am a servant staying awake and alert, hopefully prepared for the Master’s return.

      Mrs. Agent X and I prayed and invited Jesus in. We hosted numerous homeless folk and dealt with all the mess that goes with them believing they embodied Jesus. Have you ever run laundry for THIS Jesus in your washing machine? You worry whether his mess will always be with you and your machine! It is repulsive! This is not the Jesus we normally think of. Have you ever been awakened in the night when THIS Jesus becomes incontinent on your sofa and tries in vain to handle the mess discreetly? Yeah. You wonder if that mess will ever come out, but also you wonder how to neutralize the shame… AND you wonder which is more important. Have you ever found that THIS Jesus steals property from you? How do you confront that? But this is what serving the Matthew 25:40 Jesus entails when he comes HOME to the place you pay a mortgage on.

      NOW… how many people at church do you think UNDERSTAND that? How many sympathize?

      This is only one very thin aspect of the topic actually, but it is the one that regularly comes to my mind. This is Jesus’s place, not mine. And when I watched flood water spilling into the back door last year, I prayed about that and watched it instead of fighting it back. I saw God in that water, and he was taking away what he so easily gave – like ashes to ashes.

      What can I say? The water suddenly receded before the damage mounted. And the crazy thing is that I felt like I should have mourned him leaving us. But a couple days later, a foster baby showed up. And it’s like Job speaking to a whirlwind!


      • Agent X · November 15, 2016

        I forgot to say (and this is important): I did not keep and never have kept BOTH street homeless people AND foster kids in my house AT THE SAME TIME. I need this point to be clear. Most folx don’t actually know my identity here on line, but a few do, and either way, I don’t want that point ever confused. Ever since we dedicated our service to the foster kids, my work on the streets has all taken place away from this residence.



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  2. John Lewis · November 16, 2016

    “On earth as it is in heaven!!” Thanks for the mention X!! We like to think heaven is some far away place, and maybe it is. But that ain’t what Jesus said. That ain’t what He preached. He preached the kingdom of God breaking into the world we know, right here, right now. His apostles preached that as well. That is why they were all killed (except that disciple Jesus loved best :)). That us why the call to follow Jesus is a call to carry your cross. To follow Jesus is to be willing to lay your life down for the kingdom of God. For your neighbor. While praying for the one who might cut your throat. Not figuratively, but literally.

    You don’t get killed for talking about what happens when you die. You get killed for declaring Jesus is Lord, then following through on it.

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    • Agent X · November 16, 2016

      Yeah, I know how important that text is to you. I happen, of course, to share your view, and it seemed good to highlight it.

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      • John Lewis · November 17, 2016

        It seems as though Jesus talked about that quite a bit.


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