Fat Beggars Freeze Alert

Lubbock is forecast to experience our first freeze tonight!

I am grateful to the Survive The Night program at the Salvation Army and to Grace Campus (formerly Tent City) for their efforts to provide emergency shelter to the street-homeless of Lubbock tonight!  A BIG THANX to those charitable organizations is in order and duly offered here.


To my knowledge the church of Lubbock has dropped the ball on this YET AGAIN.  Isn’t this precisely the church’s job???  Why are we leaving it to the charitable organizations?  And, yes, I particularly look at The Premier Homeless Church of Lubbock and ask why are you AWOL on this?  You should be taking the lead!

Disagree with me?  This this is not the church’s job?  Does the church want to join the sheep or the goats in the great Judgment?  Go take a look at Matthew 25:31-46.  Notice the indication that Judgment hangs on whether we take in the stranger or not.  Who should take the lead on this if not the church?

Actually, you might check with St. John Neumann’s Catholic Church to see if they are hosting FAMILIES in this weather.  I am unclear at the time of publication whether they are slated for emergency shelter tonight, but they are the one exception to the church absence from the scene IF THERE IS ANY.

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