His Name Was James Michael Marasco

(a.k.a. “JESUS” – see Matthew 25:40).

It’s not my story to tell, but I want to help it get told.

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  1. Amy Murphy · November 20, 2016

    A high school classmate who runs a mental health facility in California told me that Los Angeles County began last August to plan/build 1,000 mental health beds. Inside the jail. Yes, you read that correctly.

    We have “ACT” (assertive community therapy) teams here, but they are not effective. It is not okay for one of their clients in the Housing First Program not to have food, or for it to be 50 degrees in his apartment because the gas was turned off – the staff member responsible didn’t pay the bill. Or for a client to put his bed and mattress out on the curb – and no one ask why. It took me 15 seconds to learn why (bedbugs) from this mentally ill, non-English speaking man. So yes, ACT teams will help some folks, but only if they are good at their jobs and the community holds them accountable. So far, that has not happened here. The teams are very slow to communicate about anything. It’s a mess.

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    • Agent X · November 20, 2016


      Up until September, I was working in the local jail here after working at one of our psych wards for 4 years. I saw first-hand the cross over from those two places and the streets. In fact, the chief deputy at the jail told me that they are the largest mental health provider in our region. I am pleased by the programs the jail is putting in place and I know a few of the doctors and administrators working on it. We have some fine people, fine programs. I appreciate all of that.

      We have an ACT team here too. In fact, I tried to get hired on it, and was considered for a supporting role, but my credentials did not meet the minimum requirements. That stinks! I believe our ACT team has done a fine job for our community. My wife managed to join them briefly as part of her training, and she was impressed by them.

      That said, I fully recognize that these programs can and sometimes do fail. I recognize that no matter how good the program in the jail, it is still jail, and that is not ultimately appropriate! I also think that no matter how good any of this stuff is, the indispensable part is LOVE – and you cannot legislate love, you cannot make it a policy, and any of the workers in the field representing any of these agencies can quickly get into trouble using that word even if it is their driving passion. Meaning… we are putting shackles on LOVE, and so far getting away with it because our programs seem to be working fairly well despite it SO FAR.

      And of course, that brings this blogger back around to asking:


      Tnanx sooooo much for your input!

      I really appreciate you, more than words can say.


  2. Debi · November 20, 2016

    So very sad.


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