Giving Tuesday??? Yay! (I guess…)

Apparently this is the FOURTH annual “GIVING TUESDAY“!

Somehow it slipped my attention in previous years.  But I am glad to find out, at last, that we have a “GIVING TUESDAY” to add to the holiday calendar!  What with Thanxgiving on Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, (I presume Sunday is still “The Lord’s Day” although if you saw Will Smith’s recent movie Concussion, you know that the NFL is claiming it now, so maybe that will finally be settled in the apocalypse), Cyber Monday…

I am glad that in this season of GETTING we finally established a day of “GIVING”.

I just hope it honors Jesus.

By my count, we need just six more holidays on the list to achieve the Twelve Days of Christmas that someone’s true love has been singing about all these years….

(Hey, I might be cynical, but I’m NOT BITTER!)


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