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Are you new to Fat Beggars School of Prophets blog?  Are you a regular reader who responds to posts with comments?  Are you a irregular reader who stops by sometimes but does not respond?  Are you familiar with Fat Beggars from the streets of Lubbock, Texas (but perhaps new to the blog)?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, and even if not, let me formally invite you to participate in the “conversation” here.

It is entirely fitting that this post should be on the “about” page, but it is not.  I think I will just leave the “about” page as it is.  It has served its purpose well enough for a year and a half.  However, some of the Fat Beggars covert operatives and I have been at work planting “invitations” around Lubbock this holiday season, and I have certainly begun a campaign of “reblogging” posts from the web that I find offers interesting discussion points regarding issues surrounding HOMELESSNESS.  All of this is an effort to spark more feedback and exchange of ideas.

As one of the founding Fat Beggars, I bring a particular “angle” or ‘lens” to the discussion that I do not find anywhere else.  I have spent most of the last year and a half promoting that particular angle, but with very little feedback/discussion.  In a word, that angle is: Worship.  But we might also call it a party.

How can worship be the answer to homelessness?

(glad you asked)

Follow the blog and join the “conversation” to find out!

Generating Interest…

The measures taken to draw interest to this discussion are most unusual (and thus we will see if they help or if God moves in spite of them).  Printing up “flyers” to handout to people in various marketplaces, to leave in public restrooms, to attach to trashcans and dumpsters in areas where homeless people are known to gather, to hide in cases of beer at the liquor store (drunks love to talk about religion and politics), and to place as bookmarks in best-selling, Christian books on the rack in bookstores (bookstore customers surely are primed for it, no?) and in libraries (where homeless folk tend to congregate) so that they can be found later by whatever unsuspecting, random people God would attract… these are a few of the methods (some methods are actually covert) of reaching out to people in hopes to spark their interest.

see one of the bookmark flyers here:


Anyone reading here is welcome to copy this template or develop something similar and pass these around to friends and strangers (or place one in the collection plate at church next Sunday!) and thus join the covert operation(s).  The idea is that sharing with strangers is not as likely to generate more than feigned interest, whereas reading material in a public toilet, if it gets interest, will be more genuine.  Of course we especially want local people from Lubbock to join this “conversation”, but will welcome discussants far and wide.

(see also the cartoon drawings which also draw attention to the conversation and consider printing them off and distributing them where ever you go)

A van full of priests -n- Levites

Missed Opportunity

Tabernacle City

Dumpsters n Steeples

PNNL 1 Homeless Church Closed at Nite 001 (2)

I would like to say “Make yourself at HOME” here, but since this ministry/blog deals with homelessness, that seems a bit too ironic.  And since it is all about a prophetic message, one that typically disturbs the comforted (yet hopefully comforts the disturbed (at least some of the time)), I suggest you don’t actually make yourself too comfortable.  We have a complacent culture to confront, and sadly it is a church culture in particular that needs the confronting.

If you are a church leader, you are particularly welcome here.  If you are a homeless person, you are particularly welcome here.  Your voice is desired, but I will not guarantee that it will find easy agreement.  Some of your ideas will be challenged.  Mine are open to challenge as well.  So the challenge goes all the way around.

If you work with the homeless, your voice is welcome, but beware your ideas almost certainly will be challenged.  If you come with a “secular” or even agnostic voice, you will be met with theological challenge here.  However, I suspect quite strongly that “secular” and agnostic voices have worthwhile challenges for those of us promoting theology!

Fat Beggars is not a trendy street ministry.  It is not a novel idea either.  We do not promote ourselves here and/or raise money.  We do not “think big” in any usual sense.  The invitation to join the conversation is not any usual invitation.  Yes, it is hoped that you are attracted to the discussion, but no, we are not trying to make ourselves any more attractive than Isaiah’s suffering servant, or help you with the newest or latest gimmick, or help you make a name for yourself, or whatever.  In fact, you should notice right off that the pseudonym Agent X is used as a way of downplaying any personal gain from this ministry.  I do not get paid for this.  This ministry does not “have a budget” or any such bureaucratic trappings.  I am not going to make a dime off the backs of suffering people’s sufferings (let this notice be a warning to those from fund-raising charities).  Thus, the prophetic nature of this ministry and this blog is to be the still small voice of God that you mostly DON’T WANT to listen to.  And so… if growth and bigness happen as a result, it will truly be the sheer blessing of God and not some fancy engineering on my part.

If that is not too complicated to follow, AND if you are still reading here, please consider joining the ‘conversation”.  Read previous posts here to get a feel for the angle/lens this ministry promotes.  Read a post, make a comment.  Write a post and submit it for review and publication.  And then talk to God about these things… and perhaps your pastor too.  For homelessness is the church’s business way before anyone else’s.

As we ring in 2017, let’s see if God will bless the homeless of Lubbock with at least a broader conversation that maybe, just maybe, leads to God’s own address of the issues at hand.




‘Radiance and Homelessness’

I continue adding other voices and perspectives to our “issue” again today… the last day of 2016. I hope my readers will engage these reblogs. Go visit the original site. Offer thoughts here if you like, but please expand your exposure and your IMAGINATION.


I met Radiance yesterday. She is a Beautiful Woman. Who is she? A person, just like you and I. The only main difference is that she is forced to live on the streets. She is exposed, vulnerable and in fear constantly. Words can not express the beauty of her words and her radiant complexion. There is nothing to be scared about and she asks for nothing. She sits by the waters peacefully, embracing their energy and smiling towards me during the early hours of the day, as she shares her words of wisdom with me. How did this ever happen to her? How did she end up on the streets? How does this happen to millions of homeless people throughout the World?

Well, the answer is that people can be very nasty. People can cause harm by rendering innocent victims homeless – with or without notice. People can criticise, ostracise, judge, abuse, mock and take…

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Memory, Echoes and the Inner-City

A word from Lady Wisdom calling in the streets.

Urban Echoes /// Ecos Urbanos

How did a 6’1’’, blonde curly haired young woman who grew up in a predominantly white, upper-middle class suburban area outside of Seattle end up on her way to a densely populated, predominantly Latino, heavily Spanish speaking neighborhood near the heart of Los Angeles to begin to make a life and a home there?

I still am sometimes stopped in my tracks when I realize that this is exactly what the trajectory of my life has been leading towards for at least 7 years (and, to be honest, probably longer). Looking back – remembering, and seeing all of the ways that I have arrived at this place, is humbling… there are so many intertwining themes and events that it is impossible for me to define it solely as chance or circumstance. I can only understand it as the work of God; work that is far beyond “me” and yet including…

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Taking the Plunge

Fat Beggars invites our readers to take the Plunge with Mackenzie and see what it’s all about.

Snippets and Daydreams

There were times during Urban Plunge when I wanted to say, “okay, this is enough. I give up, I don’t want to do this anymore.” I wanted to shower, I wanted to sit, I wanted a cup of tea and I wanted solitude. I didn’t want to wander around the city streets anymore; I just wanted to rest.

Then I realized that that was the point, and it was only a glimpse. We only scratched the surface of homelessness.

We heard stories, we walked through cold rain for miles, and we waited outside until we were allowed to eat. We got turned away from bathrooms because you have to buy something in order to use the restroom at 90% of the places we went to. We saw drug deals go down. We saw people selling individual cigarettes outside shelters. We saw people asking for money. We saw people sleeping in…

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Would John the Baptist Be Allowed?

Mined another post off the web that seems a good fit at Fat Beggars.


002-john-baptist.jpg (1024×768)

Would John the Baptist be allowed in your church today? If John the Baptist walked into your church today, how would you receive him? Who was John the Baptist? John was “unique.” He was a “wilderness man,” a man who from childhood had lived “in the wilderness until the day he was revealed to Israel” (Luke 1:80). He wore clothing made of camel’s hair and ate locusts and wild honey (Matthew 3:4). His message was not polished, but blunt and to the point. Rather than receiving all who would come, he verbally attacked some of those in his audience. And yet this was the man whom God had chosen to introduce His Son, the Messiah.

I will admit I have failed at times to welcome those who come in to the church regardless of appearances, or background. Yet, often another person, or the Holy Spirit has intervened to remind me…

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It’s Been A Week…

…And My Heart Still Hurts

I joined the club again… That club of foster parents who gives up that special baby when the court says those parents are fit after all…

And it’s been a week.  Left just before Christmas, and really put a dark cloud on our holiday.

Can’t help but remember a song they used to play on the radio when I was young…  And the video that went with it.  The lady snatching the baby at the end is from CPS, I think.


Christmas With Adolf Hitler?

I sometimes keep the American Heroes Channel turned up on my TV.  For any unfamiliar, there are a variety of programs, mostly historical in nature, which I find educational.  Adolf Hitler appears to be a favorite subject matter for the channel, and I have a passing interest in him, alright.  I took an extra credit honors course in college dealing with The Holocaust, so… yeah, I have interest.

But the narrator on the program earlier today made a fascinating remark that just keeps playing with my imagination.  He said, “Hitler spent Christmas 1909 in a homeless shelter in Vienna”.

Really?  Hitler comes from homeless shelters?

Well, yes.  It makes sense of other known historical facts, so I am inclined to think it is entirely possible and probably correct.  The fact that all of Germany, following WWI, was hit hard by global depression likely explains, in part, why/how a formerly homeless man could speak to these masses in such an appealing way.  He KNEW how they felt!  He had his finger on that kind of pulse!

Makes me wonder what lessons we should take away from that…

’tis The Season

(Either until the Lord RETURNS (in that Kingdom Come sense) or until our culture is won for Messiah Jesus, I think this post will be my annual Christmas Eve blog offering to the world.)

Can I get an “AMEN”? Church? Anybody???

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

It’s Christmas eve now.  A night filled with expectation.  Expectation of God.  Expectation of LOVE.  The candles lit, the stockings hung, the Christ-child is in his manger, and all through the house… not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

This is Christmas – ground zero.

Camp Jesus: Ground Zero Camp Jesus: Ground Zero

And my heart hurts for anyone who does not have a home to be in tonight.  For anyone who is not with their family.

Snapshot 7 April 30 Joe n Missy at Whataburger Snapshot 5 Calendar attempt Mike fixing tent poles after storm wind Snapshot 4 Calendar attempt Snapshot 9 Calendar attempt

I really want you here with me, celebrating.  We have a fire.  We have some hot chocolate.  There is room for one more.

It might be meager, but if you ain’t too proud, you can fit in here.

I am thinking of you just now, as the flames burn low and dim the light on mistletoe.  I pray that like that child in a manger when there was no room in…

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