Merry Christmas Lubbock! Jesus Sleeps In A Barn Again Tonight

Here we go AGAIN.

Asleep in snow

Lubbock’s weather forecasters predict another freeze alert tonight and the next couple of nights.  Only now in the Christmas Season, we are heading into the DEEP FREEZE.

The Church of Lubbock (aka the Body of Christ) – let me say that again, THE BODY OF CHRIST – is NOT reaching out to the Matthew-25 Jesus during this cold, Jesus-celebrating season.  No.  Don’t be fooled.  There are a handful of 501c3 charities picking up where this “body of Christ” leaves off, but the Body of Christ will not be hosting the strangers/sojourners.

(The minor exception to this is St. John Neumann’s Catholic Church who makes a practice of taking in women and children. YAY! for St. John Neumann’s!)

Otherwise, the chief support ministry for those who sleep on the streets this season is the big red and white barn at Grace Campus (formerly known as Tent City), located, appropriately enough, just over the other side of the tracks.


Listen up, Lubbock!  That is Jesus in a barn at the edge of town!  Bethlehem… move over!  Now is your chance to “volunteer” and chaperone.  But as the “officials” told me last year, volunteers are hard to come by.

Why???  Why in a “Christian” town like Lubbock are volunteers hard to come by?

But then why are your church house doors all closed?

I have been to the barn as a volunteer.  It’s not that bad… but a church gymnasium with the accompanying kitchen, bathrooms and showers (which will be sitting empty and unused all night (serving Jesus, I am sure!)) would be a LOT more comfortable for both volunteers and for the Matthew-25 Jesus.

But you know what?

Bringing Jesus into the CHURCH would somehow just make a lot more sense really.  Somehow, that seems like the really important thing to consider here.

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